(SPOILERS) Kamei Eri - July issue of De☆View

Friday, May 29, 2009

There will be a Kamei Eri interview will be in the July issue of De☆View.
Ever since Eri has joined Morning Musume through LOVE Audition 2002, which she had read from De☆View before applying for the audition. Eri still has deep memories of her audition choreography test of "Do it! Now". Also, in the June issue of De☆View she had mentioned that she had improved in the song, "Hand made CITY" which she had took over fellow 6th generation member, Fujimoto Miki's lines after she had left Morning Musume. In the July issue, she will talk about another song that she had made an improvement in and that's none other then 6th generation's debut song, "Shabondama". For more of her interview, do get your copy of De☆View July issue.