Ume Sukombu Gummy Hunt

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

So today I went on a Ume Sukombu Gummy hunt with a Gakist (Yes, that girl) which well..we didn't manage to find it of course. But we got other stuff in replacement for the gummy and had lunch together.

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Today's loot, including the overdue'd Kindai and Platinum 9 DISC (LE) which was in that Gakist's possession for more than a month.

We got to a Japanese shop first to complete the main objective of the trip. Sad to say, we weren't able to find the gummy but I got a packet of Umeboshi candy and a packet of Ramune as a replacement (?). Tried to look for "ai" cookie though, even knowing that its impossible for it to be available in Singapore, but I happen to see a box of cookies that looked similar to "ai" cookies.

Then to Kinokuniya for the last copy of HYPER HOBBY (June) that I had reserved yesterday. Luckily. Were looking around and we found some Kirarin goods. There was one whereby it looked like some sort of red packet o: also, Kirarin pencil box, pencils, erasers and more. But the cat or whatever it is in the Kirarin anime was of a different colour. We were wondering if it was a fake and the Gakist actually said its genuine, just that it decolourised ._. No Jewel Pet goods, just Jewel Cat (Wtf?)

Had lunch in a Japanese restaurant that serves Italian food (?) When looking through HYPER HOBBY, the Gakist realised that the outfit that Eri was wearing in the magazine was actually a one piece instead of a top and bottom. Great observation skills, OOO! Then we had talks about MM of course and discussed about Platinum 9 DISC's cover for around 10 minutes?! Giving ridiculous and crazy remarks about the girls. Also, for no good reason, we were looking at Sayu's armpits and realised she had lost some of her armpits' fats. Sayu had once mentioned that she considers her armpits' fats as one of her charm point btw. We then discussed about sending in mails to the radio shows and somehow we started wondering if Sayu has seen Eri naked. Continued with the Gakist's 1 on 1 interview with Sayu fantasy, Sayu's tummy restaurant and more. Oh yes, when we were settling the bill, by coincidence, the cashier's name was called Eri o:

Anyway, after say..2 hours? of chatting, we went to the Japanese supermarket to try our luck. We didn't manage to find it but I happen to see Hachimitsu Umeboshi. Months ago, I remember a member talking about it and recently in MM DVD Magazine Vol.23, Aichan and Reina brought up the topic again. Even though the packet I saw definitely wasn't from Osaka, like the one the 2 girls were refering to, I was still curious about how honey'd sour plums will taste so I got it. EXCLUSIVE : While shopping, we somehow ended up looking at mops and bedroom slippers.

Last stop, the DVD store. That Gakist had been checking DVD stores for QED DVD however according to her she had yet to find it. Surprisingly, the QED DVD was actually available in that store! Well, I almost wanted to get the DVD too but luckily, yes luckily. The Gakist stopped me and told me to think twice before I get it. I ended up not buying it since I knew I'll regret it if I bought it but the Gakist bought it anyway. The cover had both Aoi and Aichan which they were in the same outfit as the ones they had for TV LIFE (The scan above)

Conclusion : Ume Sukombu Gummy Hunt - FAIL