[06/11] Ojigi's blog - Dorayaki..?? (Tanaks Reina)

Friday, June 12, 2009

2009/6/11 Thursday by 田中れいな(モーニング娘。)

Good morning (σω-)。о゜

I read the entries about the Dorayakis…。

I didn't even get a share of it, so it wasn't mine!!!!!!

Since Eri didn't give me a share (´・∀・`)

♪Its okay, its okay〜♪*
♪Its okay, its okay 〜♪*

Yes. Last around way (lol)*

With that〜
Today too, GanbaReina ↑↑

*Kojima Yoshio's Daijoubu daijoubu gag.
I remember mentioning how catchy Kojima's daijoubu daijoubu gag is in one of my posts and I did wonder if Eri will start using it one day, but surprisingly! Reina used the gag before Eri does! :D

Awesome. And I think we're all relieved that Eri didn't get into trouble :P