Platinum 9 DISCO Goods ☆ GETTO!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

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The Platinum 9 DISCO goods finally came! (1 week ago actually, but it was at Hammy's)
I remember saying I'll buy all Eri good but well, I got everything except for her shirt since only L-sized ones were available. The keychain looks better than expected, just that the Eri photo attached to it isn't one of the best one ever. Pretty satisfied with the goods especially the visual book which was surprisingly big.

As usual, had discussions about the goods with Hammy over a meal. Hammy was holding up the visual book pointing at the girls, totally unaware that some of the diners were looking at her doing that ^^; Couldn't talk about the recent media stuff since Hammy has yet to watch/listen to them, but I somehow spoiled her fun for Ojigi de SHAPE UP! play unconciously.

Also, Ume Sukombu Gummy Hunt 2 was successful! I got myself 2 packets!
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However, its just not my cup of tea gummy. Since the gummies are coated with Kombu powder, the first taste was simply Kombu which is something I can't seem to get used to. Then after the Kombu comes the Umeboshi, which tastes just like any other Umeboshi sweet (Tasty ones of course). Its really as chewy as how Eri had described it to be, being able to chew on it for more than 30times before swallowing it. Overall, the gummies nice, just that I really can't stand that Kombu powder.
...Perhaps I should brush off the powder before I eat it next time.
Its worth the money though, especially when its a recommendation from our FIVE STARS Monday hosts :P