[07/19] H!P 2009 Summer - Sayu & Koharu's MC (Afternoon)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

MC (Makoto, Takahashi Ai, Michishige Sayumi & Kusumi Koharu)
Topic : Revolutions

Koharu's revolution is "Stretching revolution". She has been stretching her legs every morning hoping that it'll help her grow taller as she has the impression that its easier to grow in the morning. Upon hearing that...

Sayu : Where did you read that from?
Koharu : Erm...Koharu's information book...?

According to Koharu, she really has been growing taller after doing that routine every morning. However, when questioned about how many centimetres she had grown, she had no idea as she didn't measure her height recently. Its just that when she was looking at herself in the mirror, she thinks that she has grown a little. Koharu had discussed about this on Ichigo Ichie with Aichan so Aichan assisted her in describing what happened when she looked into the mirror. Apparently Koharu's shirt became shorter. Sayu too, thinks that Koharu had grown taller but she added on...

Sayu : You've been growing up a lot physically* aren't you?
Koharu : What do you mean?!
Fans : (Cheering)
Koharu : I'm going to make a revolution to grow up mentally too!
Sayu : Yes, please do so.
Fans : (lol)
*Please do not misinterpret the "physically". She was just refering to Koharu's height.

As for Sayu's revolution, she will like to take good care of her hair. Sayu often sees a not-normal-at-all amount of hair left on her bed after drying her hair. In order for her to stop losing that amount of hair everytime, she has been extra careful and gentle to her hair whenever she dries them. She later brought up about taking her first step into her twenties on purpose because she wanted to be congratulated by the fans which of course, they did.