InterFM FIVE STARS Wednesday #095 (090722)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

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InterFM FIVE STARS Wednesday #095 (090722)

On the day Morning Musume had returned to Japan from LA, Reina dreamed of her and the rest of the members shopping in LA. The boutique she visited was having a great sale resulting in Reina being torn between which to buy and which not to. Since she didn't have much time to decide, she just bought them all. Just minutes before she had to stop, she noticed a vest with a leopard design and a hood behind, with a cute pink little ribbon attached to the hood. The end of Reina's dream ^^;

Morning Musume - Nanchatte Renai ♪

Reina was asked if she were to stop calling herself "Reina" when talking, what will she address herself as. She replied that it'll probably be "Watashi" since addressing herself as "Reina-chan" sounds gross. But anyway, she has no plans on changing the way she speaks, she is just going to stick with Reina.

Reina didn't do much for the star festival this year other than sending a mail to a friend who was celebrating her birthday on star festival. She does not have any wish that she wants to be granted which she considered it as a good thing. She had made wishes on star festivals in the past though, for example, to grow taller.

When she was younger, Reina drinks sherbets and eats pokipoki-ices (She likes grape-flavoured ones and the white ones which she has no idea what flavour it is) during Summer to cool herself down. However, after she had moved to Tokyo, she does not get a chance to be outdoors often so the heat does not affect her. As for Reina's mama, she will place some sort of cool packs or something on her neck

Goto Maki - Station ♪
Reina has been listening to Goto's "3rd Station" album recently and was wondering about what she should do if she were to be the main character of Station.

Mano Erina - Jasmine Tea ♪

Unlike usual PV recordings, Nanchatte Renai's PV recording session started off with the dance shot instead of the close-up shots. According to their dance teacher, the dance move during the "Nanchatte ♪" was arranged in a way so that it will be easy for everyone to follow. A challenge that Reina faced while learning the choreography was adjusting to moves that requires them to move their left legs first. As their usual dance moves will start with the right, Reina had some problems starting from the left. At first when she failed to do it, she convinced herself that it will be okay because there probably won't be anyone who will notice it but of course, the dance teacher saw it and reminded her again to start from the left. After some practices, she is now abe to start off with the left leg like the way she is supposed to.

For the close-up shot, they were told that the theme is female leopard, looking like a little devil wandering around the pillar aimlessly, pinning themselves against the pillar (That's how she described it ^^;) Reina was told by her make-up artist that she looked more like a female cat than a female leopard after she recorded her scenes.

As for the image scenes, the girls each had a cloth put on around their neck like a muffler with the fan blowing at them. All these scenes were taken one by one and Reina, together with Eri were the last 2 to have their scenes recorded. They waited until nighttime for their turn and the nighttime, which was a according to both Reina and Eri, is a good timing, caused the 2 girls to behave strangely, impersonating people to kill time. They played the Zukudan Zunbungun game so many times that Reina had already mastered the steps. The game got the 2 of them to be in high tensions although they may not have shown it on their faces when recording the PV but anyway, it was a really fun recording.
(An example of the Zukudan Zunbungun game)

Reina watched the PV not long ago and liked it. She described it as adult-like. With that, Reina 'd Nanchatte Renai's PV.

Morning Musume - Shabondama ♪

Promotion for Hello! Project 2009 Summer Kakumei Gannen ~Hello! Chanpuru~

Reina : GanbaReina! ♥


Seems like the girls get excited easily at night. During Shouganai Yume Oibito PV, GAKIKAME's scenes were also recorded at night and both of them too, mentioned that they started to behave strangely because it was nighttime.