Konya mo Usachan Peace #145 (090812)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

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Konya mo Usachan Peace #145 (090812)

When she was in the first year of her junior high, Sayu was in the tennis club and she really hated it when they had to go back for club activities during their summer vacation. Sayu didn't want to get a sunburn but she had no choice as tennis is an outdoor activity and as the youngest of the team, she had to pick up the tennis balls. It took Sayu around 40 minutes to cycle to her school. To avoid getting suntanned, she wore long trousers. That caused her to sweat a lot as it had made it even warmer for her. However, since it helps to avoid getting a sunburn, she is willing to endure it by all means. She seriously wanted to quit the tennis club at that time but the thought of the skirt they get to wear during practices kept her going.

Morning Musume - Nanchatte Renai ♪

Sayu had udon for one of her lunches during the LA trip. It was so tasty that "she had no idea such delicious udon actually exists." The udon had a very thick flavour to it and just talking about it made Sayu want to eat it.

The very 1st birthday mail that Sayu had received at 12:00AM on her 20th birthday was from Junjun. There were other members who sent their birthday wishes to Sayu at 12:00AM. But some members, like Koharu, she sent Sayu a birthday mail at 10PM+ on the 12th that went something like "Happy birthday Michishige-san! Please do your best for the recording!" as Sayu had a recording for a show that night. Anyway, all 8 members sent Sayu a mail before 1:00AM. This year, the only flying mail Sayu received was from her sister, which she received at 11:59PM (July 12)

When Sayu was informed about the news of her being a member of the new Zoku・Biyuuden, she was like "Finally, some revealing costumes~" She was expecting some costumes that will be very revealing, especially at the top, but their costumes covered most of their skin and Sayu certainly did not feel motivated by her costume. It was unlike the old Biyuuden (Rika, Erika and Yui) where they wore revealing outfits and was not like what the name Zoku・Biyuuden (Continuation・Biyuuden) says. Putting the costume talk aside, when Sayu had first listened to "ONLY YOU" by BOWY, she thought it was an impossible task for her. She could not pick up the rythym and it took 2 hours for the recording of the song. During the Hello! Chanpuru rehearsals, she was totally unable to sing the song and even though they were just a day before the real thing, Sayu was still uncertain of her vocal ability. Sayu could not handle her solo lines at the first part of the song that comes after Risako's solo lines. Knowing her weakness, she put in the extra effort to repeat that part continuously on her music player in order for her to know the rythym well. Also, when Sayu heard about having to carry their mic stands out by themselves for the performance, she was worried. And whats more was that, between Junjun and her, one of them had to carry 2 mic stands out (For Risako because Risako will be singing the first line) When their teacher told them to decide between themselves, Sayu asked Junjun a leading question, "Junjun, you're going to take 2 right?" and the kind-hearted Junjun had agreed to it.

FYI, Junjun was looking forward to revealing outfits too :P She mentioned it when on Yaguchi's radio show together with Sayu.

Sayu's sister is into colouring recently. She sends Sayu pictures of her art piece often which makes Sayu wonder if her sister is some kindergarten kid.

The 20-year-old Sayu has yet to meet her sister so they can't carry out their promises of going out for meals and drinks after Sayu turns 20. Sayu is hoping to see her soon and get a "Congratulations" from her sister in person.

Sayu's sister does mistake insecticide for perfume/deodorant. Even those refreshers used for shoes can be easily mistaken for perfume/deodorant as their packaging are very cute now adays and Sayu personally thinks it will be better if they had used a bigger font for the "FOR SHOES" on the packaging.

FYI, Sayu had once mistook a deodorant for hairspray and ended up spraying away more than half the can of the deodorant on her hair as she tried to harden her hair before a concert. Apparently she didn't check it before she bought it. She ended up giving it to Eri as she does not use deodorants after a concert. Also, her hair didn't stink a bit for the whole of that day even after the concert ^^;

Sayu recommended Konusapi listeners to stir their puddings before eating it because she finds it tastier after being mixed.

Like Sayu, Sayu's sister loves to write. Not only that she has the habit of writing diaries, she writes looooong letters to their grandpa whenever she has free time. Sayu does that too but her sister is a more grandpa-girl than her.

Sayu had only learned about "Midsummer Day of the Ox" recently. She wonders why people eats unagi on that day.

For no good reason, Sayu doesn't like it when people overtakes her as she walks. When Sayu was in elementary, on her way to school, if someone overtakes her, she would try her very best to overtake the person. Also, when Sayu had first moved to Tokyo, she was surprised by how fast the people living in Tokyo walks and amazed by the city life.

Morning Musume - Nanchatte Renai ♪

In Sayu's 6th photobook, "20sai July 13", there was a picture of Sayu in kimono posing with some sweets. It was very tempting indeed and after the job, she got herself some sweets from the shops for eg. A bunny shaped sweet

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