[Dohhh UP!] Ojigi de SHAPE UP! Final Performance Part 1-4

Friday, September 11, 2009

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Aichan : How was it, Tokkii?
Tokkii : It feels lonely isn't it?
Eri : Yeah...even though we met one another everyday but now...
Aichan : Yeah...
Tokkii : It feels lonely.
Sayu : Yeah.
Reina : Lets try not to talk about that.
Eri : Okay! Okay! Okay! Otherwise it will be dangerous for your tear glands~
Sayu : What's wrong with you!
Reina : That was super annoying.

Eri teasing Reina
In the play, after Sayu imitates Kuroda Reina, Eri will have to say "How lame~" which is directed towards Reina. Eri emphasised that line more than usual in the DVD and pissed Reina off xD

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Have you seen people doing crunches standing up before?
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TanaKamei having fun as usual. Perhaps...a little too much of fun that it caused Reina to cry even harder.

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Eri : Its okay. Lets meet again~
Hirata : Nah.
Eri : Lets meet again!
Hirata : Lets not meet again.
Eri : ?!
Eri : Lets meet again!
Hirata : No.
Eri : Meet me!
Hirata : I don't want to meet you and Sayu again.
Eri : No! Meet us!
Hirata : Okay, then see you (lol)
Eri : (lol)

As expected of Hirata-san. She's cute and funny. Nowhere near to our little turtle though...(Any Hirata-san's fans here? *hides*) Watching Eri flirt with Hirata-san...

Reina was heartbroken so she started crying at the back :P
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Just kidding. Its really nice to see that Haruna and Reina had became such good friends. Apparently on the day of the last performance, Haruna sent one of those serious friendship-related mails to Reina in the morning as that will be the last day they will be meeting one another for the play. Reina was crying pretty hard there. I saw a tear dripping down o.o

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Eri was laughing at Gen-san's hairstyle in the background~

I've re-watched Ojigi de SHAPE UP! for like...8 times! Yes, it was that good! Apart from the TanaKamei (I'm really crazy over this duo recently and I bet I'm not the only one :P) and SayuEri moments, Tsuru Erika's airheaded-ness was amusing. Also, Eri's expressions and actions in this play was so damn adoraaaaaaaaaaable!

All right, enough. So...
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Sayonara See You Again Adios Bye Bye Chaccha! (TanaKamei version)

Will be busy for the next few days so I probably won't be updating/replying to comments much.