Ichigo Ichie #032 (2009.11.12)

Friday, November 13, 2009

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This week's guest is Shimizu Saki from Berryz Koubou! Both Aichan and Saki were feeling nervous. Starting off with the first mail. Like we all know, Aichan has been studying English and watching lots of musicals. It's not that she likes studying but rather, they are her interests. Like Aichan, Saki likes to watch stage plays and learns from the performers/actors/actresses.

Back then before High King released their first single, Cinderella/Complex, the members had dance lessons together. Reina, who's already considered fast in remembering choreographies, was slower than Saki and Maimi. Aichan was amazed by the two girls' speed in memorising the dance moves.

Saki too, wanted to watch Morning Musume's ~Nine smile~ concert however, because of Berryz Koubou's concert schedule, she was not able to go for them. As they are unable to attend either group's performance, both Aichan and Saki watched the DVDs instead. (The official DVD has yet to be released. The ones the girls are watching are not sold anywhere.)

Morning Musume - Kimagure Princess

On the first listen, Saki could recognise Aichan's voice. That surprised Aichan at first because she initially thought Saki was referring to the first verse (The "chipmunk" lines) but Saki was talking about the chorus. Because of the dance moves, Aichan definitely doesn't want Berryz Koubou to try dancing to this song. Aichan admitted that she has parental affection towards the younger members.

Aichan's recommendation for this week is Kaiji (A movie). Saki has yet to watch the full movie but she has watched the trailer. Aichan on the other hand had already watched it in the cinema and flooded the cinema :P ...after Koharu recommended it to her. Even though knowing Saki has yet to watch it and has plans to watch it, Aichan continued to spoil her fun, lol.

Saki doesn't have any particular recommendation because she tends to forget what she watched. The musical that left her with the deepest impression is none other than Ribbon no Kishi musical with Aichan playing as Sapphire. Saki went for the musical twice. The first time she watched, she was addicted to it so she went for a second round. Saki can still remember the lyrics of the songs in the musical. Although she has watched the play twice already, Saki watched the DVD another time. Aichan somehow linked it back to Takarazuka and mentioned that she watches some of the musicals twice too. Through the two experiences, she can see how the performers gradually improved after a few more times of performing in the same musical.

Aichan remembers going for a Berryz Koubou play. Again, she almost caused a tsunami to wash the Berryz Koubou members away (OnDiet is lame) but fortunately, she held back her tears. Aichan is the type who'll try to hold back her tears but she still ends up crying.

Details of Berryz Koubou's ongoing concert ~ The concert tour is titled "I want to stand out" so naturally, all the member are trying very hard for the concert. Saki noticed everyone of them has this desire to make this concert tour a success a lot more than before. Saki is a big lover of dancing. In fact, she was once told "You aren't just a dancer" by Tsunku. He explained to her that dance is indeed important, but in a performance, she must also remember to focus on her singing too. Saki really wants to express herself through her dance though. Aichan later told Saki that what Tsunku says is important, but she feels that if one is interested in something, she should just be who she is and continue liking that thing. Not that Aichan is teaching Saki to rebel against Tsunku. She was giving advices to Saki. Also, Aichan mentioned that she likes Saki's dances. Saki likes Aichan's dances too. She described Aichan's expressions as erotic ~

Promotions for Berryz Koubou's single, Watashi no Mirai no Danna-sama and Ryuusei Boy

Berryz Koubou - Watashi no Mirai no Danna-sama

Saki's ideal danna-sama (husband) is a guy who can lead her. As for Aichan's ideal husband..?
Aichan : Johnny Depp.
FYI, Johnny Depp is older than Aichan's father.

In the backstage footages in the DVDs, the girls will gather and form a circle to do a traditional call-like thing. There is no arrangement of who's hands to be stacked where other than the leaders'. Both Morning Musume and Berryz Koubou, the leaders will have one hand on the bottom and the other on the top. Normally, all the members will gather together around 10 to 15 minutes before the concert starts. That's only for Morning Musume. For Berryz Koubou, it's around 5 minutes (Only) before the concert. Members like Saki and Miyabi are slower in their preparations. Same thing for Morning Musume, but their managers are smarter. They'll call the girls to get ready earlier than the gathering time. Unfortunately...the girls are even smarter. They know how to read a clock and not get tricked by the managers :P

This week's English phrase is "Isn't that something?"

Aichan told Saki about the smiley faces both the fans and the girls have during the concert performances. That increased the temptation to watch the concert for Saki. Not long ago, Aichan watched C-ute's concert and was surprised by some of the costumes and stuff. She is looking forward to seeing Berryz Koubou in their sea breams costumes.

Both the leaders agreed that when they are in High King, that's where they can let their leadership skills rest for the moment since Reina is the official leader of High King.

Round up! They don't get such opportunities to sit down and talk to one another for so long. That made Aichan nervous at first because she has no idea what topics to initiate. Even though so, Aichan and Saki enjoyed themselves and is looking forward to having such chats again.

Saki : This was Shimizu Saki who had became all hyped up after the talk session with Takahashi-san and...
Aichan : This was Takahashi Ai who wants to go out for a meal with everyone! Goodbye!