Kamei Eri's 21st Birthday Project

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

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Kamei Eri will be turning 21 on December 23. You can send her birthday wishes through this form. Simply fill in this form (Click) and your message. All messages will be compiled into a book and sent to Eri. The deadline for this project is December 24, 2009 December 15, 2009.

Form details
Name* :
Website URL :
E'mail address* : (Please retype it in the second blank)
Message* :

*Please fill in these details
Its okay to send in one sentence mails or long mails so don't worry about the length and send in your warm messages to Eri!

In case anyone wants to send a handwritten letter to Eri instead, this is the address to use.

〒106-8770 東京都麻布郵便局留

Do send in your birthday wishes for our lovely little turtle!

Birthday goods
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Birthday card
Text translation : Finally, I've turned 21 years old!! I'll like to value time even more from now on as I move on

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Both the birthday goods are available on Hello! Project Official Store.
Original post date : November 27, 2009