Happy 21st Birthday, Eri!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

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Happy 21st birthday to Eri!
There were so many discussions in 2008 when she was about to turn 20 and now she is already 21. I wonder if she accomplished the aims she set for herself to accomplish after turning 20. She has became more mature indeed...that is if we exclude FIVE STARS Monday and the times when she is alone with Gaki-san. In fact, she has displayed her leadership skills when on promotion campaigns with her juniors, surprising me with yet another side of her. Just how many sides does Eri have?

Anyway, even though there hasn't been much talk about her 21st birthday as compared to her really "big shot" 20th birthday which was brought up practically everywhere months before her 20th birthday, I hope that she'll enjoy her birthday as much as she did last year and gets to eat lots of birthday cakes instead of Christmas cakes.

Once again, a very happy birthday to Eri