Friday, January 23, 2009

Gakisan's Alo-Hello 2 promotion on DohhhUP!

GAKI*KAME goofing around. It triggered my GAKI*KAME crazy button again ~

Gakisan laughing her ass off, just like the other time she did on GAKI*KAME at Eri's gorilla story.
(Click here for link to transcript of GAKI*KAME #064)

Yorosen #074 [2009.01.22]
Wide grins? Makes me wonder if something happened earlier on.

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Eri showing her obvious disinterest, lol. She've been restless throughout the whole of Aika's week.

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GAKI*KAME doodling.

Clapping, but where is she looking at?

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Her two ponytails

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Junjun : Its tasteless x2

Eri : Can you say something else other then its tasteless?

Aichan, who has been quiet throughout the whole show (Oh yes, I gotta download Q.E.D Episode 3!)

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Finally, there's taste!

Aika's lessons coming to an end. Linlin will be up next week.
Perhaps..we'll get to hear them speak Chinese? :D