Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I don't know the date of this Pocket Morning, but the question was similar to the latest one (090118)
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Q. What technique do you use to calm yourself down when you're feeling nervous?
Aichan : I'll write "human"* on my palm 3 times and gulp it down.
Gakisan : I'll tell myself "It'll be alright! It'll be alright!" and also, I'll write "human" on my palm.
Eri : I'll write "human" on my palm 3 times(and drink it). It don't really have any taste though...
Sayu : Quite a number of seniors have told "Write "people" on your palm 3 times (and drink it)". But I still feel nervous after doing that.

Gakisan's 2009 and 2003 answer were almost the same actually.
2009 Gakisan : 「「大丈夫・大丈夫」って思う。。。 気持ちを落ち着かせて目をつぶる。」
2003 Gakisan : 「大丈夫!大丈夫!って自分に、言いきかせます!あと、よく手に人って書く!」

Eri's cold joke (Brr..)
*Its a Japanese jinx/belief that writing the word 「人」 hito, which also means "human" in English, and drink it down when you're nervous to calm yourself down.

Konya mo Usachan Peace #120 [2009.01.20]
During Sayu's "Moshi mo" corner (It has been some time since the last time they had this corner)
- A sender sent in a letter asking if Sayu were to collaborate with a person to run Konusapi, who will she choose. I kind of expected Eri..but well, it wasn't *Teary eyes* But anyway, she answered with Mano-chan. According to Sayu Mano is pretty smart, in terms of follow-ups (I rephrased, cos' I don't know how to phrase it :D) Something that happened.

Mano : Michishige-san is so cute ~
Eri : What about me?
Mano : But Kamei-san is ...
Heh, Eri getting bullied by a junior :P

- Another sender asked how will Sayu respond if a guy confessed his love for her. Somehow, Sayu got excited about it :D she even went "Kyaa!".

Something short from Wonderful Hearts [2009.01.18] (Night)'s fan recording.
During Koharu vs Junjun battle, Junjun complains about Koharu being too noisy. Koharu was so loud to the extent that even though Junjun was in the dressing room next to Koharu, Junjun could hear Koharu's voice. Hearing Koharu's loud voice only made Junjun more stressed.

I'm wondering if JunLin and Ice-cream Musume are planning to return to China and Taiwan to celebrate Chinese New Year with their families.
I do hope JunLin get the time off to visit their parents. I bet they missed their families.