Saturday, January 31, 2009

Konya mo Usachan Peace #121 [2009.01.27] (Summary : Eri's part only)
In one of the corners, Sayu was given several situations whereby she has to say "Naichau Kamo" which also means "I might cry" in English.

One of the situation was that what if Eri, who is always with Sayu, graduates from Morning Musume. Sayu responded with a very real "Naichau Kamo". She said that she can never imagine this happening neither have she thought of it before and she might not even want to think of it. Sayu admits that she finds Eri funny. She brings up something that happened recently during Hello! Project 2009 Winter Wonderful Hearts Kouen ~ Kakumei Gannen ~. As we already know, SayuEri have been playing a skit-liked pairing during the end of the MC with the Makotos and Mano.

During one of the concert days of the concert tour, the first concert MC, not many fans laughed at SayuEri's skit-liked MC so they started worring about the second concert. Both of them wanted the fans to find the skit funny so they went to the usual staffs that helped them with their MCs for advice and were told that SayuEri are funny when they're disorganised. The staffs added on that SayuEri practiced too many times for the first concert, therefore the MC was too perfect and since SayuEri were too confident after those practices, it only made the MC not funny. The staffs told them to only practice once. Eri agreed with it so they only practiced once, but the girls were pretty pressurised because they can only have one practice session before the real thing starts. At that time, Eri said "Yabai (Omg)" with amazingly lol expression on her face, making Sayu laugh really hard even though they were about to start the concert. Sayu said she was able to have such a good laugh all because of Eri. If she don't have Eri who is always together with her through the happy times with her, she might cry. (I'll just change Sayu's sentence, Sayu WILL cry :D)