Friday, January 16, 2009

Naichau Kamo PV (Cellphone Quality)

Eri close-ups at the ending of the preview.
Looks like the mirrors/glass panes on Chokkan 2 made a return in Naichau Kamo.

Yorosen #069 [2009.01.15] - Pets

Aika went to a pet shop o: And her constant "Kawaii"s with inclusion of her face is cute.

Eri was scribbling something..when no one else was, so its probably just her usual doodles?
Turtles made an appearance in the slide too,
Eri : What's its name?
Aika : They didn't give it a name..
Eri : Its called Eri.
MM : ...?
Eri : Sorry, sorry.
Gakisan : That was cold (lame)

Do look out for how Koharu leans over closely to Junjun :D