3 Big Beauties

Saturday, February 21, 2009

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The DVD started off with the 10 Shots Photo Session
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Reina wanted more blushes, so this is the GAKIKAME's way of giving blushes.

Eri continues to kill millions even in Hawaii

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Capped for the Reina-ness in it.

When asked which pose left the deepest impression on her,
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she answered with this pose.
I call it the "Aho-Kame pose".

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Gakisan invades Aichan's screen time with the shanimuni mood (pun)
遮二無二」 shanimuni : Recklessly
Eri used this four word idiom on one of the GAKI*KAME episode.

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Junjun quickly pulls Eri back when she realised Eri was going to leave her

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Eri was so worried about the Special Live that she wasn't in the mood for her meal the day before and all she wanted to do was to return to her hotel room. But according to Junjun, Eri shopped a lot on that day. Eri had 2 big shopping bags with her when they went back to their hotel rooms while Sayu had 3.

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Junjun and Linlin were babbling about Hawaii's big servings and delicious food. Junjun thinks that if she lives in Hawaii, she'll gain 2kg per day. After Junjun ran away, Linlin complained that whenever she wants to talk about something, Junjun will be next to her goofing around, and after Junjun goes away, Linlin would have forgotten about what she wanted to talk about.

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Morning Musume's tradition.


01. Koi wa Hassou Do The Hustle!
This is the first time this Morning Musume line-up performed this song. A perfect song to be first on the tracklist. Eri was in an extremely high tension, jumping all over the place and dancing with even more effort then usual. I expected Gakisan to take Miki-sama's line as the "Kaasan", but gees, it was Aika.

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Eri stepped up with an exaggerated step, lol.
Eri : Its really fun here but I think enjoyable time will pass fast so..
Fans : Eh ~ ?
Eri : I love it when people react with a "Eh ~"
Reina : Eri, you're disgusting! You're SERIOUSLY disgusting.

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02. Tsuyoki de Yukouze! (Takahashi Ai's solo)
Ages since the last time I listened to this song. Everything was perfect, except that dress.

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03. Senkou Hanabi (Michishige Sayumi's solo)
No, it wasn't painful to watch her sing. Her cute-ness made up for her weaknesses.

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04. Mirai no Taiyou (Junjun's solo)
Allowing Eri to be one of the backup dancers was a mistake. She totally snatched the spotlight from Junjun.

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05. Say Yeah! - Motto Miracle Night - (Tanaka Reina's solo)
Its lol at how the rest of the members were arranged to run out randomly in some of the songs. Cool performance from Reina, even though it didn't seem like that's the best she could do.
Wink counter : 2

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06. Himawari (Kusumi Koharu's solo)
She's forever energetic.

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07. Kotatsu no Uta ~ Jyuken Story ~ (Linlin's solo)
Even more awesome then the rip I had from the fan recording. I don't really expect a lead in a single from her but I think Tsunku should just arrange a solo song in the concerts for her. I'm sick of all those Aichan/Reina's solo song in concerts even after they have so many leads in most of the songs (No, I don't hate Aichan or Reina), c'mon Tsunku, do something new.

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08. Hare Ame Nochi Suki (Kamei Eri's solo)
WOW! It only made me more excited for her solo song in Platinum 9 DISC. I thought she'd have went out of tune in the last key but she didn't! As usual, her expressions were real and didn't disappoint. The only complaint I have is the fact that they have cut short all the solos.

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The pokepokepoo back then in 2003.

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09. BE Positive! (Mitsui Aika's solo)
I'm sorry Aika. No matter how good or cute you are, I just can't concentrate on you because the four backup dancers behind you are my top four.

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10. Shanimuni Paradise (Niigaki Risa's solo)
Gakisan kills. Its true. Just look at how she got all the fans fired up with her beauty. Looks like all the members had fun in Gakisan's solo. Someone actually laughed into her mic after the attack on Gakisan.

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11. Honki de Atsui Theme Song
When was the last time this song was performed by Morning Musume? It was nostalgic but it didn't sound good. Some of the members are clearly having problems reaching the low keys. I wonder why was Eri so energetic that day.

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12. Happy Night
To be honest, I didn't know there was such a song because I don't have Memory Seishun no Hikari's single. Good effort by Eri for trying to reach the lower keys meanwhile, TakaGaki continues to show everyone how awesome they are.

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13. Sayonara SEE YOU AGAIN Adios BYE BYE Chaccha!
Probably one of the most suitable song to be on the last on a tracklist. Reina's "Ah ~" in her talking lines made my hair stood up, lol. Its rare to hear the gentle Reina's voice. Aichan, Eri and Sayu made me melt.
Aichan : Sayonara SEE YOU AGAIN Adios BYE BYE Chaccha!

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The Special Live ended and the fans got a chance to High-Five with all the members before leaving.

2nd Day
Mobile Phone Strap Event

Koharu started a "Konnichipa!" greeting. Lol'd at how Aika snatched the mic back from Koharu. Koharu then whispered to Aika requesting for her to do the "Konnichipa" greeting too. The rest of the members then follow up and did the same thing.

Pretty obvious that Eri didn't want to do it, but she just had to, lol.

After Eri passed the mic to Gakisan, instead of doing the "Konnichipa" greeting..

Gakisan : Okay, so that means..
Fans : Eh?
Koharu : Konnichipa!
Gakisan : What? I have to do it too in order to move on?! ...Konnichipa everyone. (Looks at Koharu) Konnichipa can be one of your catchphrase now, I'll be supporting you. But this will also be the last time I do it (Konnichipa)

The strap Eri made. Is that a pimple under her lips?

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The girls went around to help the fans out with their straps. This is the first time the girls got so close to the fans in a FC tour.

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The straps made by the members were then given out to lucky fans who were chosen in the draw.

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Reina, Aika and Linlin were playing Daramasan ga Koronda in the hall. Lol'd at the postures Reina froze in.

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Sayu : I'm your present!
Eri : That's disgusting.

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Ojousan moment.
Sayu : Aren't we the three big idiots?
Gakisan : What are you talking about? Its only the two of you!
Eri : It should be th3 big beauties isn't it?!
Nah, its not called narcissistic when Eri is the one saying it.

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The 3 big beauties were not please when the cameraman suddenly moved to Aika when they were still talking, lol.

First off was butt wrestling aka the battle of the asses
The girls are suppose to bump one another's ass so that their opponent falls when the music stops. Gakisan reminds them not to injure one another since they still have a Fall Concert Tour after the FC Event.

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Aichan vs Linlin
Aichan won. Linlin's excuse was that Aichan was 0.1cm taller then her, so Aichan had an advantage. Its just another ridiculous excuse from Linlin, lol. But in Aichan's theory, the shorter one in this game is at advantage since you'll have to bump your opponent's ass from the bottom.

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Gakisan (to Aika) : You don't have to restrain yourself, but after the battle, someone (Reina) might be scary.
Reina vs Aika, Aika won.
Reina : Your butt is heavy.
Aika : No its not!
Reina : Your butt is big!
Reina hates to lose. Its a fact.

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Eri vs Junjun
Just as Eri was getting fired up, the song stopped seconds after it started. Eri wasn't prepared and lost to Junjun, lol. GoRokkies team puts the blame on the staffs.

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Sayu vs Kusumi
Sayu couldn't even stand properly when the song was still going on and Koharu bumped Sayu even before the song stopped. When the music stopped Koharu gave a really hard push to Sayu's ass and Sayu was totally thrown off her feet. Even Gakisan was surprised. But during that push, both of them fell off at almost the same time, so that had to have another round of butt wrestling.

Even though Sayu fell really hard, she won. I like the way Eri squats down immediately to check if Sayu is alright the moment Sayu fell.

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Reina vs Junjun, it was a long battle with no results but it was fun to watch how the 2 girls attack one another. This is the fiercest Jyaken Tataki Game I've ever seen. I could hear the sound of the stick landing on the basket or whatever you call it. I seriously laughed so hard that I cried, I mean it! Reina got a piece of Junjun after Junjun mishit Reina's hand instead of the basket. Another thing to look out for in the battle is Gakisan's expression. Gakisan looks like she can't imagine how painful it'll be if that stick landed on one's head.

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Junjun : Tanaka-san, please lose quickly.
Reina : You're annyoing (Yankee look)
Reina then lost her mind and picked up the basket even though she won in the sissors paper stone.

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They decided to take a break and move on to the next battle for now.
Gakisan : Are you confident?
Eri : I'm confident, since Linlin is my opponent.
Linlin : Since Kamei-san is my opponent, it'll be alright.
As expected, our small little turtle was slow in reacting and was trashed by Linlin.

Reina vs Junujun continues
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Koharu grew impatient and wanted them to just play Achi Mite Hoi since the battle just continues to remain as a draw.

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Junjun didn't know how to play Achi Mite Hoi, so they had to teach her first. She's pretty slow at the game since she's still new to it. Reina won in the end, after such a long battle.

"Whose hand is this?" Battle
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Aichan's challenge. Gakisan was dropping hints without knowing, lol. Aichan couldn't figure out whose hand was it for the last person and she stretch her hand out to touch the person's face. That earned her a smack from Gakisan.
I know you did that on purpose, Aichan. You wanted a love smack from Gakisan :P

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When Aichan was saying out her answers Gakisan dropped another hint by accident AGAIN. But luckily, Aichan didn't change her answers. Aichan got only 2 of them right.

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Koharu's turn. She was literally tugging the girls' fingers, lol. Koharu was smart to feel the fingernails and such. She realised one of the hands had short fingernails and she knew its Sayu, because Sayu don't grow her fingernails due to hygiene purposes.

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Koharu got them all right.

Pedometer game.
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Each team had to try and get as many hits on the pedometer as possible by shaking the pedometer that should be hung around their necks.

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Koharu didn't abide by the rules of the game and held on to the pedometer and shook her hand instead. H3 realised and stopped her, but she've shook quite an amount there. Koharu didn't know they weren't allowed to hold on to the pedometers actually.
Sayu : Then we don't have to do all those shaking if that's the case. We could have just held on to it and shake our hands.
When Sayu realise she sounded really harsh on Koharu, she quickly apologises to Koharu. The conclusion was that the cause of this incident is because Koharu doesn't listen to instructions.

Gachinko battle
The girls had to run to the back of the hall to get their question cards then to return to the stage.
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Aichan's question : OOOOO King comes to our mind when we talk about Hawaii. Who is that king?
Aichan knows about the king, but she couldn't remember it at that moment so Eri pointed to herself as a hint for Aichan. Answer : Kamehamaha.

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Linlin's Question : Shikoku has 4
prefectures. They are Kochi prefecture, Ehime prefecture, Kagawa prefecture and..?
Linlin answered Shiga-ken and got herself smacked by Aika (Aika is from Shiga-ken) It was incorrect and Linlin had to go back to get another question. The answer was Tokushima prefecture FYI.

Morning Musume Hawaii FC Tour 2008 conclusions
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Sayu pulled her right eyelashes out by accident when they reached Hawaii. Aichan and Eri laughing at Sayu's misfortune, lol.

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Junjun's rheumy eyes
Aww..someone, give her a banana!

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1 hour and 30 over minutes of Morning Musume
Hope you've enjoyed watching it like the way I did too!

My top 5 ranking for the Special Live
01. Hare Ame Nochi Suki (Kamei Eri's solo)
02. Shanimuni Paradise (Niigaki Risa's solo)
03. Koi wa Hassou Do the Hustle!
04. Tsuyoki de Yukouze! (Takahashi Ai's solo)
05. Sayonara SEE YOU AGAIN Adios BYEBYE Chaccha!

My 5 favourite moments
01. Three big beauties
02. Reina vs Junjun battle
03. Sayu getting worked up because of Koharu's dirty play
04. Gakisan smacking Aichan.
05. Aika smacking Linlin.

There were new events compared to previous Morning Musume's FC Tours. Its probably the first time the girls were so close to their fans and was really glad to see them have fun. Btw, Sayu and Eri had the jewelleries they bought in Alo-Hello 3 on. In fact, both of them have the ring on their left index finger if I'm not wrong. They looked good on them.

Rating for the DVD : 9/10
One point lost because they cut off the girls' solos. Even though I know they had no choice but to do it due to the duration constraint.

Thank you to all readers for 10000 views within less then 2 months!
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A random Eri screenshot as a way of "celebration!"