Tamagotchi craze in MM

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

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Just days ago I mentioned that Eri was still playing with Tamagotchi even at age 20, but apparently, Junjun is into them too. In fact, more then half of the Morning Musume members are playing with Tamagotchi now. According to Junjun on 「Park Side Cafe Monday」, the current Tamagotchis are more high-tech then the ones back then. Tamagotchi plays a big role in Junjun's life. Junjun who is always not able to wake up on time, is now waking up early as early as 6am plus just for the sake of the Tamagotchi. The baby Tamagotchi would wake up at 7am or so, so Junjun would wake up at 6am plus and stare at it and when it wakes up, she'll send it to the toilet, then to have it's breakfast, then to let it play around. Junjun's Tamagotchi is already in its third generation and it is called Junko, lol. Apparently the current for the new Tamagotchi if you don't give your Tamagotchi a bath, it'll turn black/dirty. There's even some sort of in-game cash whereby the girls can buy a new room and such for their Tamagotchi.

For anyone who is curious about how the current Tamagotchi is like, here's the site for it.

I wonder if Eri even tries to wake up earlier just for her Tamagotchi..
or does she just leaves it to die?

Random Morning Musume Trivia
- Gakisan's mother is currently 44 years old. Gees, and I thought Sayu's mother was young enough, Gakisan has an even younger mother!