Aichan and Junjun, a possible flood?

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Here's another try on translating articles. I've never been good with translating texts, so please bear with the weird phrasing of certain things. The girls shared their touching stories and talked about the crybabies in Morning Musume in the interview. I'd say..never let Aichan comfort Junjun. We might just end up swimming in a flood if it happened.

Kindai Magazine (April 2009)
- Since the new single will be "Naichau Kamo", please share with us Morning Musume's "I might cry" stories.
Tanaka Reina : When I came to Tokyo, my family and friends went to the airport to send me off. At that time, I thought I'll never be able to see them again, and tried to force back my tears. Just as I said "I'm going off...", a friend of mine stopped me and gave me a necklace and told me "Return this to me the next time you return to Fukuoka". I held on to the necklace in my hands and I started crying as I headed for the gate. I cried so much at that time. But until now, I've never returned the necklace to my friend (lol).
Junjun : For me, when I came to Japan, I cried when reading the letters my friend wrote for me. At first when I've came to Japan, I'll read these letters regularly but after some time, I lost the letters (lol). I found one yesterday and after reading it again, I started crying again. I called up my friend immediately after that.
Kusumi Koharu : I understand that type of feeling. When I came to Tokyo, I was really touched by my friends too.
Junjun : Did you cry?
Kusumi Koharu : Yes.
Junjun : Really ~? You definitely didn't cry right? You're probably just glad that they wrote letters isn't it? (lol)
Kusumi Koharu : No! (lol)
Michishige Sayumi : Mine is pretty much like a sad story and at the same time, a happy story. My second cousin met with an accident. Even though she was only a small kid, she's hospitalised very often. Around two years ago, I paid a visit to her and she was having difficulties with speaking, it made me worried about her. But recently when I returned to Yamaguchi, she was able to walk on her on towards me. Watching her put on her clothes herself, buttoning the buttons, I was touched. Watching the girl who I used to have an image of her being frail lead a normal life, being so healthy...I was really touched.
Niigaki Risa : Its about my grandmother. My grandmother always look forward to our live concerts and our goods ever since I joined Morning Musume. I went for a stroll with her one morning and she told me "Look after your health. You've been busy recently aren't you? It looks like you haven't been eating the meals your mother cooked." I was brought up by my grandmother, so her words had a huge impact on me. At that time, because of her smile as she chatted with me, I was able to hold back my tears but I was very touched.
Kamei Eri : Its about my sister, she's really a good girl. She'll pick up any rubbish that she sees in the street if she passes by them. That's very courageous isn't it? Not long ago, I went out with my sister. When we were at the station platform, she told me to wait and went somewhere else. She went off for quite sometime so I went to look for her and saw her dumping the trash on the floor into the trashcan.
Morning Musume : Eh..
Kamei Eri : I joined her in picking the trash up in the end (lol). Normally I wouldn't do I find my sister really awesome and was touched by her actions.
Linlin : There was once when I was getting my ticket at the station, due to the gust of wind, the receipts and everything in my wallet flew to the ground. The people nearby came forward to help me pick them up and I'm really grateful towards them for helping me.
- The drama Aichan is starring in, Q.E.D Shoumei Shuuryou, did you cry after the final shooting?
Takhashi Ai : I didn't, because the last scene was a very lively one, so I didn't cry (lol). Something that touched me the movie, Wall-E, I was touched by the character's bravery.
Mitsui Aika : I don't really watch things that are touching since I don't really like to cry. But if it was about animals, I'll watch it even if I'll cry. When I watched films like "Nankyoku Monogatari", I'll cry a lot.
Kusumi Koharu : For me, I'll cry when watching Animes. Cartoons like "Doraemon" holds a lot of significance for me. For example, it reminds me of my grandmother.

Skipping the whole Naichau Kamo talk. Its the same old thing as they've said on the radio shows.

- By the way, which member in Morning Musume cries the most?
Kusumi Koharu : Junjun, it seems like she's always crying (lol).
Michishige Sayumi : Junjun cries too much (lol).
Mitsui Aika : Junjun's lacimal glands are weak.
Takahashi Ai : Junjun cries for lots of reasons. She cries when she's touched, she cries when she's happy. No matter how she feels, she'll still end up crying. I thought its pretty awesome.
Linlin : I think Junjun cries the most too. But I understand why she cries so much. She drinks more water then normal people do (lol).
Kamei Eri : Then it sweats out from her eyes? (lol). But for me, I think Aichan cries the most among all.
Tanaka Reina : I see her crying very often too.
Kamei Eri : There was once I was depressed and cried. Aichan came over to comfort me but it ended up with Aichan had teary eyes. I told her "You're about to cry too, so stop it!" (lol).
Michishige Sayumi : She often cries together with the members.
Niigaki Risa : Also, at times when she's not able to express what she wants to say clearly she'll cry.
Kusumi Koharu : In a good way, Takahashi-san is able to understand how one feels easily.
Mitsui Aika : Even during the PV recording, she started crying almost immediately. I was like "Eh? Is she okay!?" (lol).
Junjun : Takahashi-san is a very strong person, but when she feels like crying, she just lets it out. I thought that's pretty awesome.
Mitsui Aika : "I thought that's pretty awesome" both of you are praising one another (lol).
Tanaka Reina : When we were asked about Morning Musume some time ago, Junjun said "I love Morning Musume..." and started crying. It surprised me and after Junjun started crying, Aichan joined in too (lol).
- What about the rest of the members?
Tanaka Reina : If we talk about the members that don't cry, it'll be me, Gakisan, Koharu and Aika.
Michishige Sayumi : There are also moments of Reina crying.
Tanaka Reina : You mean that aeroplane story? We were in the aeroplane sometime ago flying back to Tokyo from Osaka and the plane was shaking violently. I didn't want die, so I was bawling there.
Michishige Sayumi : We really see how Reina looks like when she's crying isn't it? But she snapped at me and asked me to not peep at her (lol).
Junjun : Michishige-san wrote that on a survey form too didn't you? (lol).

It was nice to see Gakisan, Reina and Sayu sharing stories of their families and friends. And I thought it was pretty much like a once in a blue moon thing for Eri to be praising her sister since I've never heard her doing so on GAKI*KAME other then complaining about her sister. I bugged some Singapore fans to get this copy of Kindai for me, hopefully they do!

Talking about Singapore fans, I had my first meet up with Kinbari last week and I met up with Hammy again yesterday for a meal. We were suppose to be dining at MOS burger but we somehow ended up in a sushi restaurant. Hammy was talking with her mouth stuffed with sushi resulting me in mishearing what she was talking about. She said "Risa" and I heard it as "Visa", she said "crab" and I heard it as "bread", lol. Hammy reminds me of Eri, cracking cold jokes every now and then (I wonder how many lame jokes she made yesterday)

Hammy : I'm lame right? That's why I can't run my 2.4km.
OnDiet : ._.

Yes, that's the very cute Hammy. Anyway, thanks for the Up To Boy and the meal, Hammy! So after the meet up with her, I went shopping with some friends and check out CDRama. Happen to see this,
Image Hosted by
Somehow, the sight of IceCream musume's singles lined up next to Koda Kumi's tickles me. I was surprised to see UFA goods in Singapore anyway. But they should be importing Morning Musume's instead (Just for the sake of OnDiet at least..?)

So coming back to Morning Musume, Eri's solo song, Kataomoi no Owari ni's preview is out. Really short, but I love how sweet Eri sounded in it. The song itself was something I wanted to hear from Eri very badly. Ever since songs like 100kai no Kiss and Watashi no Aoi Tori, I have that image of Eri being the best singer in Morning Musume when we talk about songs with slow tempo. Her voice is really pleasant and lures me to sleep sometimes. I'm looking forward for the full song, and hopefully it'll be out soon on Konusapi, which is going to be back next week! After one month of no-Sayu-babbling-over-Eri, I'm dying for it. I want to hear how Sayu feels about the LA concert, Ojigi's return, her solo song and Yamaguchi's concert. The Japanese fans have already started a project to plan for what to do during the Yamaguchi concert that will be held 4/4. The same goes for the concert in Shiga on 3/28. Do hope it'll be a success!

I'm drifting away from Eri's song, argh! Here's the incomplete lyrics for Eri's song

仲良い数人で 食堂に行く

Ah~ もうすぐ冬です
Ah~ 独占したい



私のノート 借りに来る君
シャイな顔して Uh~

試験の前は 長電話をする
試験のことより 雑談したり

Ah~ そのうち春です
Ah~ 一年だね


She's singing as a college student in this song by the way.
Do preorder your copy now!
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(Left to Right : Limited Edition, Regular edition)
Morning Musume's 9th Original Album, Platinum 9 DISC
Normal Edition (CDJapan) (HMV) (Yesasia)
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