Banana Day!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

First of all, Happy 21st Birthday to Junjun!

NACK5 「NACK AFTER 5」 (Guest : Kamei Eri, Mitsui Aika & Junjun)
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• Junjun's birthday 2/11. The fans that had gathered at the studio had some flip-boards with them, but not only that, the fans made an effort to write in Chinese. On one of the flip-boards it said 「亲爱的李纯,祝你生日愉快」which also means "Dear Junjun, happy birthday!". Happy birthday song for Junjun!

• Aika's official profile on Hello! Project's official site wrote that her specialty is bowling. Unsurprisingly, Aika admitted that its not true. Its just that at that time when she had to fill in the information, she was pretty into bowling and her mother told her to put it in. The DJ suggests her to put that under her "Likes" category instead of "Specialty". Also, Aika said that she gets only around 66 points per game.

• Aika baths with her 24-year-old sister. When Junjun heard that, she asked Aika "When are you going to bath with me?", without any hesitation, Aika replied "I definitely won't want to bath with you." Junjun then requested for Eri to bath with her, lol, Eri rejected her ~ (Of course she had to say no, Sayu will be mad at Eri if Eri agreed to it) Aika's present for Eri's 20th birthday was some bath salts, which she've chosen together with her sister.

• Eri tried drinking alcohol and she seems to be really weak in controlling her liqour level according to Junjun. As we know, our little turtle loves umeboshi (Plums) so she drank Umeshu (Plum wine). But she added in soda, so that it tastes like juice, lol. Not long ago, when Eri was out for a meal with Junjun, Eri tried drinking Shochu for the first time and both of them had fun. Junjun said Eri got drunk (I'm really dying to see how our drunk turtle looks like) and she looked really cute when she was drunk. Eri denies that she was drunk. Junjun then starts imitating how Eri was like that day, which was adorable.

• Junjun declares that she has good in controlling her liquor level. Also, during the meal with Eri, that was the first time she tried Umeshu, and it was alright, since it tasted like juice. Junjun is okay with beer and such.

• JLPT. Junjun has been practising the level 2 Japanese level papers (Theory) since she is now able to communicate well enough to let people understand her, as well as she herself, to understand other people.

♪ Morning Musume - Naichau Kamo

• Naichau Kamo PVs. The girls were crying in the PV, so a sender asked what were they thinking about at that time when they were trying to cry. Aika was thinking about Shiga-ken. She thought about the memories of her friends and her.

• Eri on the other hand, put herself in Mariko's shoes. If you're wondering who Mariko is, Mariko is the girl in Naichau Kamo that Morning Musume was trying to express her feelings through the song. Reina and Sayu have been talking about Mariko on their radio shows, so do check them out. Coming back, Eri tried really to cry although it took her some time to do so. They then came up with a new name for Eri, called "Kamei Mariko".

• They recorded the solo version earlier then the raining version. At that time (Solo ver.), Junjun wasn't really very clear about what was happening to Mariko so she used the memories of the time when she moved to Japan as a method to cry. After they've recorded the solo version, Aichan explained to Junjun what was the whole Mariko thing about. So during the recording of the raining version, Junjun was able to pity Mariko.

• Another sender asked about whether Eri and Aika feels that Junjun is like an elder sister. Before anyone could reply, Aika kept repeating herself that Junjun is NOT like an elder sister. Junjun asked Aika to try and remember correctly if there were any events of Junjun behaving like an elder sister. Eri says that its not really that there isn't any big-sister-Junjun moments, in fact, Junjun has a very big heart. Suddenly, something just triggered a Junjun moment in Aika's head. There was once when they were dancing to 「Egao Yes Nude」, and Junjun made a sexy expression that made Aika think that she's like a 21-year-old adult. Also, the female DJ noticed Junjun fixing Eri's hair for Eri earlier on, and thought that was pretty much like what an elder sister will do.

♪ Morning Musume - Yowamushi

bayfm78 「miracle!!」 [2009.02.10] - Takahashi Ai, Kamei Eri, Mitsui Aika
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• The girls started off with promoting Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 Spring ~ Platinum 9 DISCO ~. Since its a concert tour, Morning Musume will be moving from place to place, which also means, food. They started talking about food of different prefectures and cities for eg. Koharu's hometown, Niigata's omelette. Aichan then wonders who has the best culinary skills among Morning Musume. Upon hearing that, Eri said "Heh heh, both of you know what to say right?" but Aika acts ignorant and asked "Who?". So Eri was like "Mitsui, you know who right?" and Aika replied "Junjun?" teasing Eri, lol. Eri started banging on the table and went "Ne, ne..", Aichan's heart melted and told Aika to give in to Eri. Nothing much after that, its all about food and cooking.

Anyway, Rokkies will be on MUSIO for Naichau Kamo promotion. Looking forward to it!