Monday, February 16, 2009

Do look out for how DJ Dave teases Linlin.

InterFM The Dave Fromm Show [2009.02.13]
(Click here for download link)
Host : DJ Dave Fromm
Guests : Kamei Eri, Mitsui Aika & Linlin

Dave : Is there Valentine's Day in China?
Linlin : Yes, there is.
Dave : No way!
Linlin : I'm serious! Why do you keep thinking that I'm lying?
Dave : Are there vehicles in China?
Eri : (lol)
Linlin : There are. There are even bicycles.
Dave : Oh. Are there television sets there?

• During last year's Valentine's Day, Linlin's dad gave her mom 99 roses. Talking about Valentine's Day, on the day of the live recording, it was just one day before Valentine's Day, so the girls had prepared something for DJ Dave. They gave him some bath salts. DJ Dave then jokingly doubts the girls that they prepared this present themselves, saying that it was the staffs who prepared it beforehand.

Dave : What is your name again?
Linlin : Linlin!

• The girls were asked what were they thinking about during the PV recording that helped them in trying to cry. Eri placed herself in Mariko's shoes while Aika started thinking about her hometown. Linlin was thinking about her parents, but she adds on that she has a good way in making oneself cry. It was to stare at a bright light for 30 seconds or so.

• Eri's KY*-ness. Aika and Linlin started telling DJ Dave that Eri is KY.
Eri : I don't want to be called KY by Linlin.
Eri and Aika then redirect the KY crown to Linlin. Linlin came up with a "Linlin theory", she said she isn't KY, she's YK. She pushes the blame to the atmosphere for not reading how she feels. Aika then jumps on it and tsukkomi'd Linlin.
*Kuuki Yomenai (KY) : can't read the atmosphere

Just as Linlin was about to read a message from a sender,
Dave : Do you know how to read Japanese?
Linlin : Of course I can! I studied Japanese alright!

• Spiciness has always been one of Eri's weaknesses, but ever since she turned 20, she has slowly be able to adapt to spicy food bit by bit. Eri can now handle Kimchee and a little bit of Wasabi. Good luck to our little turtle in overcoming her weaknesses!

• Even at age 20, Eri is still playing with Tamagotchi.

I've been engaged in school for the past few weeks and have been missing out quite a number of shows including Yorosen and QED. So pardon me all these slow and sloppy updates.