Thursday, February 19, 2009

Chou Oto 2 [2009.02.13] (Guest : Niigaki Risa, Tanaka Reina & Junjun)
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The show started off with the host praising the girls, just like what other hosts do. They first talked about how the girls joined Morning Musume. Apparently, the host had watched Gakisan and Reina back then when they were new members.

The host's first impression of Reina
Reina : What was your first impression of me like?
Host : You looked mischievous.
Gakisan : That's a good first impression isn't it!
Reina : I'm told that pretty often, so its okay to just speak your mind. (Reina knew the host held back herself)
Host : You looked a little mischievous and a little like a Yankee.

Skipping the Naichau Kamo promotion part. Its just the same old thing. They talked about Mariko and how sad the song is.

Moving on, the first theme for the talk was "Something that you want OO to stop doing"

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Gakisan wants Junjun to stop being late. Junjun can't seem to wake up on time. Junjun then claimed that that only happened in 2008 but she suddenly remembered about another incident which she turned up late, in 2009. And it was actually one of the concerts at the start of 2009 (Which is H!P Wondeful Hearts) Reina was surprised when she heard that, because she didn't know that since she was in a different dressing room. Junjun said she mailed Reina to inform them she'll be late, but Reina said she didn't give a damn about it.

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Reina wants Gakisan to stop giving those vague replies. Gakisan may look like she's those who really listens to people but in actual fact, she don't.

Reina gave an example.
Reina : Gakisan, this this this.
Gakisan : Uh-huh.
Reina : What do you think about it?
Gakisan : Huh? What are you talking about?

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Even though Gakisan replied "Uh-huh" but she wasn't really listening. Reina knows when people are listening and when they are not. Recently, when she saw Gakisan not listening to her, she asked "You were in a trance just now right?"

Now for Junjun aka Junko. She wants Junjun to stop doing weird things and saying strange stuff. Even Gakisan agrees that Junjun has been really weird. Junjun herself admitted that she has been told that she's disgusting. Sadly, the editors of the show cut off this part.

Second theme, "OO's secret"

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Gakisan labels Reina a crybaby. She might be behaving like a Yankee, but she's a coward and a crybaby deep inside. They brought up the plane incident which Reina talked about on FIVE STARS 2 weeks ago with some additional stuff. As Reina was crying over there, those members sitting around her were like "Wee! Its shaking!". Gakisan then adds on saying that Junjun was the one who were there, celebrating the fact that the plane shook, lol. Junjun, who loves jet coasters, had a fun experience of course.

Third theme, "Who is the most "My Pace" person?"
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Reina thinks its herself. There was once when the members were called to gather, all the rest of the members ran off to the gathering venue but Reina felt like drinking some tea, so she just went ahead and enjoyed her tea. She admits that she has no sense of urgency even though she knows it isn't a good thing. She'd usually make people wait instead of rushing. The girls wanted to share something that happened the day before the recording of this show, but Junjun wasn't able to explain herself clearly, so I had no idea what happened.
Junjun ended up getting crowned the "Most "My Pace" person"

The girls' message to everyone,

I'm finally catching up with the Naichau Kamo promotions!