Reina is a stalker?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

On FIVE STARS 2/18, during Reina's FIVE STARS corner, she talked about bumping into fans.
Not long ago when Reina was having her dinner in a restaurant and suddenly, she heard "Mikan" playing. At first she thought its just the shop's background music. She looked around to see where the music was coming from, and she thought "Hm..wait a minute..", she wanted to turn back and take a look again, but she didn't have the courage to do so, so she used the reflection of a mirror to look at who was behind her. She saw a group of guys who were all wearing yellow T-shirts. Reina found the T-shirt familiar but she couldn't remember where she have seen that. She overheard the group of man talking about Aichan and was curious about them, so she peeked at them again using her mirror. It was a group of Morning Musume fans there and somehow, Reina was pretty surprised by it even though its common for them to bump into fans when walking down the street but this was the first time Reina saw a fan gathering, so she turned nervous. Reina was interested in what the fans do usually in private, so she kept observing that group of guys using her mirror, lol. After much observation, Reina realized the yellow T-shirts they were wearing were one of Aichan's concert tour T-shirt. She started wondering if the fans wore the shirt because they usually wear it when going out or is it that they wore it just for the gathering. Reina thinks that she was spotted by the group of fans when she was settling the bill because they made some eye contact and she expected the fans to come up to her but apparently, they don't seem to be interested in her (Reina said that herself) and it made her sad.
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