The end of Yorosen

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

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...Just as we slowly got used to not having Haromoni@s on our Sunday mornings, now we have to get used to not having any regular TV programs for Morning Musume. It killed my mood off totally. I mean..does this mean there'll be no more regular TV programs for MM?
Well, I'm not going to go on complaining about it and such (Partly because I'm going to be late), but I really hope that they'll get another show, for the whole of H!P (How big is H!P now anyway, lol)

2 more months before the end of Yorosen.
Yorosen #082 [2009.02.04]

I'm rushing off for school so I'll just do a fast one.
• Sayu and Okai started complaining about why is it a bicycle, and when Okai turned back to agree with Sayu, Sayu told Okai its better for her to look at the picture, lol.
• Sayu's drawing is horrible. I can't even imagine how a real bicycle will look like if it was designed accordingly to her drawing.