Girl Song Selection (090516) - Morning Musume

Sunday, May 17, 2009

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Q. What type of song is MM's new single "Shouganai Yume Oibito"?
Eri : This song..we' a girl..who likes a guy..who has a lot of dreams..
Reina : There were lots of pauses wasn't it?
Lol, its just so Eri to be speaking with pauses.

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Q. How do you feel about your first try at voice acting for the anime, Jewel Pet?
Eri : Usually the members are by my side so even if I don't try to escape from my duties I'll still do fine.
Morning Musume : @#$%^
Eri : But on that day of recording (Jewel Pet, she was alone), I became very serious.
Morning Musume : We wanna see that serious Eri ~
Eri : I want alone so I have no choice but to rely on myself.

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Q. As a senior in voice acting, Tanaka-san please give Kamei-san some advice.
Like Gaki-san, Reina had problems matching her voice with the anime. She had problems reading from the script and watching the monitor at the same time. Eri too, has that trouble. She don't know whether to look at her script, or the screen.