Kamei Eri on Web Television

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Eri was in an interview with Web Telvision which had asked her about her first try in voice acting for the anime, Jewel Pet. Even though the anime has been running for more than a month by now, Eri had said "I'm still very nervous during recordings, even though I have 7 years of experience as an entertainer." Also, Eri is always the "my pace" type in Morning Musume but for the sake of matching the pace of the anime with her voice now, she has been marking down the timings on her script. With that, she declared that she has gradutaed from the "My pace" Kamei Eri.

Skipping all the Jewel Pet details since you'll get them if you watch the anime. According to Eri, Saitou Ayaka-san (The lady voicing Ruby) and her are of the same age so its easy for Eri to consult her. Also, AKINA-chan, who is also voice acting for the first time, and Eri will get fired up before the recordings. Look like AKINA and Eri are really on good terms. Eri had addressed her as AKINA-chan in the interview.