New duo coming in our way? - EriLin

Thursday, May 21, 2009

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Eri : You want to film me?
Linlin : Yes?
Eri : You want to film me?
Linlin : Yes.

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Eri : Really? If you're able to film the cute side of me..
Linlin : You're really cute now as you're being filmed.

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Eri : But...HEY your face looks disgusting (lol)
Linlin : Eh? Why?
Eri : The face you make as you use the camera is disgusting! You're sticking out your upper lip too much!

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Linlin : No! That's because I want to film the cute Kamei-san.
Eri : So what do you want to show the fans of me?
Linlin : A typical day of yours, from morning first.

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Eri : For me..I'll arrange the rubbish bins first.
Linlin : Is it? Good child indeed!
Eri : I'm being eco-friendly (Pushed open all the lids of the bins)
Linlin : What on earth are you doing?! You're just playing with the bins!

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Eri : Since we have to show them the smart Eririn..Lets go and study now. Quick Linlin, lets go.
Linlin : EriLin* wa owalinlin!**
Eri : (lol) Byebye.

*Eri's nickname, Eririn has the same pronounciation as Erilin since Linlin's name is "RinRin" in Japanese too. So its a pun (?) or perhaps a duo name for us to call these 2 girls.
**Owari means the end. Linlin added her name into the word making it Owarinrin (OwaLinlin).