Ojigi's blog - (5/27) batch

Thursday, May 28, 2009

- 2009/5/27 Wednesday by 高橋愛(モーニング娘。)

We had our first dry run today。
We concentrated hard from the start to the end。

I was nervous。。(..)Seriously。。

I'm getting irritated by my poor performance。。
I'll try even harder (>_<) Today, surprisingly!!

I had the same hairstyle as Rin-chan (^^)
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Rin-chan is Karin-chan,
but because my character in the play is called Karin-chan、、、Everyone 、
calls her
Rin-chan ♪

She's really cute ☆ and makes me feel like hugging her (^-^)

All right! I'll try my best tomorrow too ♪


Beard (* ´∀`)
- 2009/5/27 Wednesday by 田中れいな(モーニング娘。)

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Grew beard (lol)

Haruna was eating the seaweed from Ojigi………(*>▽<*)
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I had fun today too ↑↑
We had our first dry run today…
But I didn't know what was happening (lol)

Just a few more days to the real play!!!
Recently I'm thinking that it'll be good if its always the Ojigi period (lol)

Because the last day of the play will also mark the end of this whole thing!!!!

The other time during "Ojigi 30do On-Stage"'s last day, I cried out every single drop of water I have in my body (sweat;

I cried too much and my legs went numb (lol)

It coming to an end is a sad thing〜〜(T-T)
Gees, I want to stop myself from thinking that its a sad thing!!!

But I'll give everything I learned from the rehearsals so please do come and watch us!!!!


- 2009/5/27 Wednesday by 田中れいな(モーニング娘。)

Rehearsal is going to start soon!!!!
Before that……I'm taking a short break♪♪

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Today too…


- 2009/5/27 Wednesday by 道重さゆみ(モーニング娘。)

Last night, I used this ☆!!

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I used bath salts in my bath ↑↑

♪White chocolate♪
♪Mild Chocolate♪

Guess which one I chose to use yesterday?

And the answer is,

Because I was in the mood for strawberry yesterday

Bathing using this felt so good ( ̄∀ ̄)

I recommend it ♪

I was given this so I don't know where you can get them…(-o-;)

After taking a nice bath with sweet scent, it makes me feel relaxed!!
It also makes my skin feel smoother!!!

So with that, I had one hour of happiness (⌒〜⌒)♪♪
Hence, today,
I'll feel relax…

more than usual rehearsals ☆


Every time after relaxing I'll become more enthusiastic than usual !!ε=ε=┏( ・_・)┛


Desperate expression ☆
- 2009/5/27 Wednesday by 道重さゆみ(モーニング娘。)

Good morning!
Yesterday, I stuck stickers that I've brought along on my whistle during rehearsal. It looked really cute ♪♪(≧∇≦)♪♪
While I was desperately trying to decorate the whistle, my manager took a picture of me ☆

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I was really trying wasn't I!?
Its rare to see a picture of me being so diligent right!?(゜∇゜)
I finished decorating it last night 〜\(^ー^)/

Its so cute 〜♪ (>Σ<) that it can melt your heart〜
I can see jealousy〜♪〜θ(●⌒∀⌒●)

So everyone, please come to see us!
Please do ☆
Do pay attention to my cute whistle ☆★
do pay attention to my cute face too (lol) ♪♪★

Ya~an. Ojigi de SHAPE UP ↑
Its full of highlights〜〜☆(≧∇≦)☆

I made a mistake in my "Pink 2" blog. I forgot to include one more photo, but I've edited my post,
hopefully you'll check it out when you're free (*^o^*)


Sayu's additional picture to her "Pink 2" post
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Btw, Sayu sang her solo version of Shouganai Yume Oibito in this week's Konusapi as a punishment so do check it out!