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Friday, May 15, 2009

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Reina shared a story of her waking up to get frightened by chucky doll which was placed in her room by her mischievous little brother. If her cute little brother. She then moved on talking about rehearsals. She too, talked about the game that they will play before each rehearsal but adding on a little more details. Apparently if you fail/mess up, there'll be a penalty game. Reina definitely don't want to get the penalty game cos' its actually impersonations. She don't do impersonations often, neither does she gets good reactions when she does them. But still, she'll ganbareina!


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Sayu was not present for the rehearsal today.
Like Aichan, she talked about the season now that its changes from hot and cold season. She asked if everyone's okay and declared that she does not allow negligence of health and reminded everyone to have good habits like washing of hands diligently. (She just said negligence is forbidden, not really that she don't allow it..but isn't it better for us to exaggerate little things at times?)

Lets see how long it'll take Eri to get her fingers on the keyboard.