Platinum 9 DISCO - TakaGaki attack ~

Friday, May 15, 2009

A very random post that's unrelated to Eri.
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When I was looking at the picture I was like "God, look at those muscles". Besides Eri, Aichan is probably another one with lots of muscles in MM. Especially at her legs. Looks yummy to me :D

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Gaki-san invaded the costume closet and stole her fellow GoRokkies' costumes.
I was wondering why is it that in some pictures Aichan has those red gloves on while in others she's don't o: Part of the performance? Or removed near the end of the tour?

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Eri's Kataomoi no Owari ni's costume

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Reina's The Bigaku's costume.
If it was really the same costume Reina had for Platinum 9 DISCO, I'm surprised by how big the costume looks on Gaki-san even though she's bigger in size than Reina.

I wanna see Eri in Jounetsu no Hitotsu's costume ~