Platinum 9 DISCO (090502) Tokyo - Afternoon MCs

Sunday, May 03, 2009

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Solo MC
Eri : My mother is one who prefers bland food and that's the same for me. But, my mother likes food that are even blander than the type of bland food we're talking about. Around 3 weeks ago, my mother made Takikomi gohan and with a bright smile, she called out to me that she had made me some Takikomi gohan. So I thought "Ah, she's confident in her dish" and was looking forward to eat it. When I opened up the cover of the rice cooker, it gave off a nice smell. I tucked into my plate of Takikomi gohan but it was tasteless!
Fans : Ehhh?!
Eri : I was surprised that it was tasteless however, since I'm her daughter, there are certain things I can't say so I told her "Mom, I think its a little bland." and she replied "Really? Just add in some benishou (?) or salt and it'll give it some taste". So I followed her instructions and enjoyed my delicious meal. Then, just a week ago, she made Takikomi gohan again and it seemed like she had planned to add in a little more seasoning to it. Even though I didn't feel too good about it, but with the thought that it might be tasty, I tried it. There was no different from the one 3 weeks ago. And I was like "Is she kidding?". I decided to try adding in nattou..
Fans : Ehhhh?!
Eri : ..even though the original dish was tasteless, after adding in nattou, it was just like eating plain rice (Since the Takikomi gohan was tasteless) with nattou and it was very tasty. Yesterday..yesterday, she made Takikomi gohan AGAIN! I took a bite, and again, it was completely tasteless. I didn't eat it...
Fans : Ehhhhh?!
Eri : ..No no don't get me wrong. As I've said, there are things which I can't say since I'm her daughter. Since there are bentous kept at home, I ate a bentou instead. However, since I didn't eat the Takikomi gohan yesterday night, there were lots of leftovers. This morning when I woke up and complained to my mother about being hungry, she told me "Oh ~ I've made some onigiris using the Takikomi gohan yesterday!". She told me that even though I was looking forward to a delicious meal before coming for the concert..but I took a few bites before eating something else.
Fans : Ehhhhhhhhhh?
Eri : Yes, that was what I wanted to hear. You guys sure know what I want. Thank you. I think it'll probably be Takikomi gohan again tonight, so I'll make sure I plan about what to do before returning home.
Fans : Ehhhh?

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Last MC
Eri : Standing on this stage today, I realised something. Eri's fans have increased again!
Fans : (Cheer)
Eri : I've made lots of eye contact with everyone. Doesn't that mean that you guys are looking at me all the time?
Fans : (Cheer)
Eri : But please remember to look at them too (Other members)
Fans : (Lol)
Eri : It was a really fun and enjoyable concert today. Thank you!
Fans : (Cheer)
Sayu : Please look at me too.

Lol'd. Eri's last MC has became the main highlight ever since the return of the cold jokes along with Sayu's follow-ups. A really good MC indeed.

Fancam of yesterday's concert [1][2]
I like the way Eri looks so concerned about Sayu after Sayu's fall and exchanged glance with Sayu during the Sexy boy.