Platinum 9 DISCO - Tsunku's comments

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Tsunku has updated his blog about Platinum 9 DISCO in Tokyo and gave individual comments on all 9 members.
新垣のMC GAKIのコーナーが久々登場なのもいいよね。
[Highlighted parts]
Kusumi had became more adult-liked
Not only her dance is good, Kamei's talks are funny.
Also there's a very sexy scene of Sayumi so do look forward to it!

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I'm not going to start another "Eri is the best dancer in MM blah blah blah" talk again, but that's actually another compliment from Tsunku on Eri's dance. I've seen Tsunku praising girls like Aichan, Reina, Gaki-san and more on his blog for their improvement in their singing but I've never seen him praising anyone for her dance. Seems like he does recognise Eri's dancing skill as Eri's forte.

By the way, in today's afternoon concert, Eri got herself a solo MC again even though she just got her turn yesterday which surprised some of the fans on 2ch since the girls have always took turn. Perhaps its because its Tokyo, Eri's hometown.