Platinum 9 DISCO in Tokyo - Eri's hometown

Saturday, May 02, 2009

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2 Platinum 9 DISCO concerts were held earlier today in Tokyo.
According to fan reports not only that there were lots of female wotas, there were LOTS of Eri wotas too. So many that 2 fans had reported it as "Too many Kame wotas" and according to a fan, Eri did noticed that there were quite a number of her fans (She mentioned in her last MC). Oh yes, there was a fan complaining about the female wotas being too noisy on the 2nd level, lol. By the way, Shouganai Yume Oibito was performed for the first time in Tokyo's concert today.

Really glad to read these reports. Even though there were no special project or plan to lit the whole hall up with orange lightsticks or to do a Eri-call since its a regular thing for Morning Musume to be performing in Tokyo, Eri wotas still made sure they turned up for Tokyo's concert, Eri's hometown despite it being Golden Week. Can't wait for more fan reports from Eri's fanblogs!
Looking forward to tomorrow's concerts in Tokyo too!