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Monday, June 15, 2009

Refreshments ~ and then again carelessness ☆
2009/6/11 Thursday by 道重さゆみ(モーニング娘。)


………Talking about bananas ☆

I have a funny story to share ~

I'm not too sure if it'll be a good story but still, please listen to it ☆↑↑

30minutes before our performances, we'll always have to test our voices using the tape our vocal teacher had recorded.
So that day, everything proceeded as usual.
Everyone was seriously doing it.
Vocalising is to repeat the words the teacher said.
Teacher : Cat
Musume : Cat
Teacher : Dog
Musume : Dog

The vocal lesson moved on this way.
And then!!
Teacher : Tomato
Musume : Bana…mato

Even though we only had to repeat what the teacher said…and its something we always do…
but still, who is the definite one who made that mistake??

Obviously ☆
It was the full-of-carelessness Kamei Eri.

Its true.
I wonder why would one say banana when its tomato.

The way she repeated the teacher's words was absolutely funny so I thought I'll share it with everyone‥

It'll be good if it was recorded on a camera‥‥

Talking about bananas.
In Morning Musume, it'll be Junjun ♪
But for me, now ☆ if we talk about bananas
It is Eri's voice ♪
I shall have some banamato tonight!