[06/11] Ojigi's blog - Soak it ( ∋_∈) (Michishige Sayumi)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Soak it ( ∋_∈)
2009/6/11 Thursday by 道重さゆみ(モーニング娘。)

Look (ρ_;) I burned myself (ノ△T)
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Today I'm in high spirits too ↑
As I was about to curl my hair using the iron‥‥before I even managed to make a curl, I burned my left wrist。。
It was painful (∋_∈)
I then left the iron on my vinyl bag and the iron melted the vinyl causing a mess (┳◇┳)
So I hurriedly change my hairstyle (;_;)(;_;)

I changed it to the dango hairstyle ♪
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Well, its pretty cute on Ruruka-chan so its all right ☆★!(b^ー°)
Hope Sayu's wrist is better now!
A really clumsy girl indeed.
I consider her clumsiness as one of her charm points