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Monday, June 15, 2009

2009/6/14 Sunday by 高橋愛(モーニング娘。)

We've finally came to the final performance today

It feels really lonely.

I'm going back to Takahashi Ai tomorrow isn't it ~ lol

I miss the rest of the MM members but on the other hand,
thinking that the play is coming to an end, it feels lonely after all..

Ah! Yesterday, Eri put on the thing that was given to her by the sanpo troupe members, so here's a pic of her with it on, lol.
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Eri is weird indeed 〜(^^) lol
That's what that makes her cute though (^w^)

All right! I'll do my best!
I bet Aichan laughed big time when she saw Eri with the snorkel on xD