Ojigi de SHAPE UP! - 500kei's review

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fellow voice actresses in Jewel Pet, 500kei (Voicing Sapphire) and Saitou Ayaka (Voicing Ruby) went to watch the Ojigi de SHAPE UP! play Eri's performing in and 500kei has an entry in her blog about the play.
Beauty is a treasure
2009-06-13 03:28:21

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Together with Aa-chan
(Saitou Ayaka-chan)

We went to Edo's Ginza

And watched

Eri-chan's play
(Kamei Eri-chan)


Time flew really fast in the play

Its kinda like a funny
comical play

It made me
have a new impression

of Eri-chan
who looks like a doll.

Hahahahaha (lol)

Generally speaking

she was cute in the play.

Man, looks like its good to be a

beauty after all!!