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Friday, June 12, 2009

The person who's most suitable to be described as careless in the world.
2009/6/11 Thursday by 道重さゆみ(モーニング娘。)

Some time ago, after writing up an entry something funny happened in the dressing room…

I read the "Full of carelessness" post using my phone…
"Eh? Sayu had finished eating her Dorayaki?? Is it Reina's instead?" and such,

Well, from there lots of stuff happened……
There were lots of complications……

Then we settled down。

Well, and as for the final conclusion, I think the one who-will-not-write-a-blog-entry Kamei-san will update everyone about it (lol)
So please look forward to her entry!!

And that's.
The careless Kamei-san who is reporting on her full of carelessness which consist of double carelessness.

And this is the Kamei-san who's trying her very best to type out the explanation for her mistake。。
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Eri probably has got the sexiest posture ever to type out a blog entry

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