Bijo Houdan (090709)

Friday, July 10, 2009

As requested ~Bijo Houdan (090709)
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After a short introduction of themselves, the show started off with Reina making a request for Serah to speak like a VJ (Serah was once a VJ)

B-TV! with Tanaka Reina as guest
Serah : Hi everybody and welcome back to another half hour of the Bijo Houdan. Let me introduce today's guest. Our guest for today is Tanaka Reina-san.
Reina : Nice to meet you!
Serah : Nice to meet you too. You've released a song right?
Reina : Yes, on May 13, Morning Musume released our 39th single--
Serah : 39th?
Reina : Yes, its called Shouganai Yume Oibito.
Serah : Are you able to name me all the 39 singles' names now?
Reina : for that..lets put that aside for now.

During Reina's Morning Musume audition, although the requirement was for a full-body photo, a close-up photo and 1 video tape of her singing a song, Reina felt like singing 2 songs when she was recording the tape, so she sent in 2 song performances along with the photos. After joining Morning Musume, as she didn't have any dancing experience, Reina had difficulties learning the dances. Rokkies had dance practices together in their hotel rooms and since they didn't have the outfits similar to Morning Musume's concert costumes which are short and are revealing their tummies, they wore bra and pants while practising on their hotel beds. It was to let them be prepared so that when the real thing comes, they won't feel embarrassed when on the stage.

Even though whenever Reina gets home, she gets lots of time to herself, she doesn't take baths often. She explained that because whenever she sits in the bath, she has got nothing to do and will have plans to do lots of things and hence, she will get out of the bath. However, after she's done with her short bath, she'll forget what she wanted to do and end up not having anything to do again.

Reina took a picture of her jersey collection
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During Morning Musume's lessons and rehearsals, they have to wear jerseys so whenever Reina goes shopping and comes across a piece of outfit that's suitable, she'll buy it. Thanks to that habit of her, she now has more than 50 sets of jerseys at home.

This is Reina's favourite jersey
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Not only its comfortable, it has some pink on it and the shorts are baggy, a perfect set for Reina.

Another set
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Reina is addicted to ribbons and brought some of her collection along in the bag given to her by Linlin during her birthday
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She bought over 20 ribbons within a month.

Reina is one who gets sick of stuff easily. She can be crazy over certain stuff for this moment but the next moment, she's sick of it. Not going to translate about the "reason or season" part, just google it if you're interested. Reina had some problems with the pronunciation of "or" in English.

As we know, Reina is one who will just speak her mind. She gave an example of her seniors telling her she's not in sync with the rest of the members when she was sure that she was doing it properly. Even though she knows they are her seniors, perhaps because of her pride, she argued back to defend her pride.

Also, there was once, a particular junior (She didn't say names) was unable to follow their (the senior team) instructions properly for like 3-4 times. Reina stepped in and said, "If you can't do it, just quit Morning Musume." It actually worked and the junior managed to get what she's supposed to do right. Serah commented that if Reina were to become the most senior member in Morning Musume, it maybe real frightening for the MM members, lol. Reina thinks that if she becomes the leader of Morning Musume, she make the rest of the members understand the fact that being in Morning Musume isn't easy at all.

Reina : I often get told I'm childish, so I'm wondering how can I become more adult-like?
Serah : What's your impression of an adult?
Reina : To me, an adult is one who can ride the train alone.
Serah : ?!
Other requirements for being an adult (Reina's thinking) : Being able to ride a plane alone, one who types on the computer.

Some of the failures in Reina's life is when she regrets not saying certain things. For example, after a recording for a TV show, she'll regret not saying whatever she wanted to say when it was actually the perfect timing for it. Serah convinced Reina that these failures are good experiences for Reina to learn from and improve herself from there, presenting an even better talk/performance the next time.