Bijo Houdan (090716)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bijo Houdan (090716)

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Serah brought some Manjuu along for Reina to try them.

As Serah was talking about going to Togoshi Ginza, Reina misheard it as Tohoshi Ginza. During the after-talk, she revealed that she misheard it as Tohoshinki at first. Coming back to the show, after Serah described the place to Reina, Reina was tempted to go there. As its a street, Serah thought it'll be almost impossible for Reina to be walking there since she's an idol but Reina replied immediately that it'll be okay. Serah asked her if she was planning to wear a mask and a cap there but apparently Reina doesn't seem to have any plans of disguising herself as she doesn't really disguise herself whenever she goes out.

Reina asked Serah if there's any secret behind holding good talks. When Serah was curious about why Reina would ask such a question when she as an idol have done MCs and such.
Reina : The fans are really kind. No matter what we say, they will just give us a good response. They will laugh at everything. So we can't really see when our talks are bad.
Reina had problems stopping herself from speaking in Hakata dialect :P
Anyway, Serah's advice, "If you're having fun, the other party will have fun too" and to make eye-contact. Making eye contact is Reina's weakness though.

Serah had once interviewed a very famous male vocalist who is pretty nonsensical and not serious. But when Serah challenged him to promote his single within 20 seconds, after organising the things he wanted to say for 5 minutes, he successfully promoted his single perfectly within 20 seconds and even gave an ending pose. Serah gave Reina a similar challenge, but this time round, instead of 20 seconds, she was given only 15 seconds. The criterias that Reina had to cover was the title of the song and to add in something that's appealing. Here goes Reina's 15 seconds PR!

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Reina : Morning Musume's new single, Shouganai Yume Oibito was released on 5/13~ For me, I love this dance step a lot (Referring to the pose in the wonky eye cap above) Also, Tanaka Reina--
Serah : Okay, time's up.

Reina is one who gains weight easily. The other members often tell her that she's not fat at all but that's only because she watches her diet closely. Since Serah was a model, she was a perfect lady for Reina to consult. Serah doesn't really like sweet stuff, doesn't have much prferences when it comes to food so she'll just eat whatever she's given so it wasn't too difficult for her to maintain her figure. Also, she walks around a lot so it helps her to keep fit. Reina had problems understanding the law of gravity that Serah was talking about.

Reina is now living with her mother and younger brother in Tokyo while her father is living in Fukuoka alone. Back then, when the 3 of them were about to leave for Tokyo, her dad cried at the front door before they even left. Until today, Reina remembers how that moment looked like. Reina does quarrel with her mom and brother but its not that its her that's rebellious. Its usually because of the amount of stress piled up on her from work and when she gets home, even though her mother's speaking to her properly, she'll be really rude. Reina doesn't want to behave this way, she did try to stop herself from doing so but she just can't seem to fix this habit. It actually caused Reina to hate home, not wanting to go home, affecting her relationships between her family. Like Serah, whenever Reina's mom tells her something, she'll be disinterested and will wonder why did her mom had to tell her. She'll slam doors too as a way of expressing herself. That was all history though. Reina is really close to her mom now and they are more like friend than a mother and a daughter. Whenever Reina goes to karaokes she'll want to go with her mom. And the reason for that?

Reina : If I go karaoke-ing with my friends, then my friends will want to sing too isn't it? And if they sing, then I'll have nothing to do and I don't like it when they sing a song that I wanted to before me. But when I go karaoke-ing with my mom, I'll get to sing throughout the whole session.

Reina's dad may not be with her, but he is always worrying for his girl. He'll send mails to Reina often to see how she's doing. Reina remembers something very touching that her dad had sent her back then when she had just joined Morning Musume after Reina had told her dad she doesn't see the need in trying so hard. Her dad told her "If you work hard now, you'll be rewarded for your hardwork afterwards, so please try your best" Keeping these words in mind, Reina was motived to give her everything. She was touched by how her dad had comforted her even though he was one poor thing, all alone in Fukuoka. Reina really treasures the mails from her dad and will usually save them. Serah asked Reina if she re-reads them and Reina didn't give a direct answer. She just replied "The battery of the phone I'm using now can't last long..."

To Reina, confidence, luck and manners are the most important things for one who wants to continue to stay in the showbiz. For Serah, being thankful is the most important factor. She reminds Reina to be grateful and thank people generously even if it was a stranger as it'll make the person who had helped her feel appreciated and at the same time, it'll make the person feel good.

Reina asked for advice from Serah about becoming an adult since Reina is about to go through that within a few months time.
Advice #1 : To use flawless and beautiful Japanese words.
Advice #2 : To display the beautiful feminine virtues of Japanese woman.
Just as Serah was giving these good advices, Reina misunderstood the 2nd advice and thought it meant that she should be trying to be a woman who is beautiful from every angle.
Advice #3 : Be kind and be strong.
During the after-talk, Reina mentioned that she'll like to keep this advices in mind as she moves on.