Hyper Hobby (090707) Interview

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Just the translation of a small part of the interview
HH : There are lots of way for one to confess his love for one. If, for example, a guy is going to give you 100 stalks of roses as a present, what will be a suitable situation for that to take place?
Reina : When we have agreed to meet up on my birthday but he calls me and tells me "I can't meet you today". If that happens one will be like "Huh?! I can't believe he is doing this on my birthday!" isn't it? But he'll come pressing the doorbell of my house and when I open the door, he'll be holding on to 100 stalks of roses and going "Happy Birthday!" Under such situation, it'll make one excited isn't it? I wonder if I'm watching too many dramas (lol)
HH : I see, so a tsundere* partner will be good right?
Reina : Yes! I want to be able to feel exited all the time. I want to be able to feel the excitement of the first love all the time. I want to be surprised all the time, no matter how old I am.

*A person who appears to be aloof on the surface but deep down, he's love-struck.