Youngtown (090711)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Youngtown (090711)

Before going for Anime Expo, the girls had practised their English beforehand and since Aichan has been studying English, she was given the job of taking charge of the global warming MC. The staffs told her it'll be okay for her to bring the script up on stage but Aichan insisted on memorising it so she self-studied it after her teacher showed her an example. Also, Aichan and Sayu brought some souvenirs back for Sanma and Shouji from their LA trip.

A listener sent a mail in regarding Sayu's upcoming photobook which will be released on her 20th birthday. Sanma and Shouji accused Sayu of not informing them of her photobook but according to Sayu, she did tell them about it and Aichan could vouch for her. Anyway, on the topic of Sayu's birthday, she would like to have a CD Player/speaker/watch/bedsheet for a birthday present. Coming back to her photobook, Sayu had brought along her photobook for Sanma and Shouji. While browsing through her PB, Shouji noticed that this photobook is more adult-ish as compared to Sayu's past photobooks, as expected of Sayu who is turning 20 within hours. Sanma commented that Sayu's fashion sense has been improving a lot lately, and Aichan complimented Sayu for having a good fashion sense. Surprisingly, Sanma didn't reject Sayu's PB (He once refused to accept Aichan's PB)

Takahashi Ai - Aki Zakura ♪

This week's Takahashi Ai no Iyasemasen corner turned into a sexy corner! This time round, Aichan and Sayu will have to make something that's not sexy to sound sexy through the way they express it. Certainly a great corner to give one goosebumps ^^; Sayu is really good at it though.

During the ending talk, Aichan mispronounced rehersal as "resa" twice before Sayu corrected her. Sanma teased her and she defended herself saying that she has been reading Harry Potter out loud recently so that she gets some practice and will not fluff her lines. And as for Aichan's conclusion with regards to whether those reading sessions served their purpose..

Aichan : But after all, I still messed up.