Ichigo Ichie (090702)

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Since it was requested..
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Ichigo Ichie (090702)
(Guest : Junjun)

Junjun had some problems switching from Japanese to Chinese when she was trying to introduce herself in Chinese. She sounded like the rest of the Japanese members when she said "大家好。我是ジュンジュン。". Alright, lets get started. Junjun doesn't really like hot weathers because she'll tend to sweat a lot. Aichan tried to convince her to take that as a plus since Junjun drinks lots of water and sweating is good for health.

Although Aichan was reluctant to say this in front of Junjun, she feels that Junjun and Linlin had improved a lot from the time they had first joined Morning Musume. She compliemented their Japanese levels which humble Junjun responded that she throws in broken Japanese frequently. Just the day before, Aichan noticed a habit of Linlin. Linlin uses "Ah, its different/wrong?" often. Junjun watches MM's DVDs whenever she gets the time to and whenever she watches those DVDs where she had first joined, she'll wonder "What the hell is that person (JJ) doing?". Junjun is relieve that she is finally moving around like a proper human now unlike before, lol.

Details about Nanchatte Renai from the 2 girls ~ Junjun thinks that girls from 18 years old onwards shouldn't have much problems understanding the song with lyrics like "Don't flirt around ♪". As for the dance, she likes the choreography at the "Nanchatte ♪" part, even though she had problems with the complicated dance move at first.

This week, Aichan's recommendation is Komorebi no naka de 2009, a play starring Ogawa Makoto. Along with Aika and Linlin, Aichan watched the play and was really touched by it.

Aichan : I cried.
Junjun : Really? But you have that image of crying every now and then anyway..
Aichan : ?!

At the scene where Makoto dies, Aichan started to cry but if she were to sniff, everyone will hear her so she stopped herself from doing that and tried to hide her tears. She failed horribly when Aika who was sitting next to her told her "Takahashi-san, you really cried a lot didn't you?". Aichan got to watch the dance for the play beforehand since Makoto showed the dance video to her, complaining about not being able to catch up with the rest of the performers. Even though she had problems with the dance before the real play, Makoto presented a really cool dance in the play.

Junjun prefers movies to plays. Back then when she was in China, she'll go for a movie everyday Sunday. Her recommendation was Watashi no Atama no Naka no Keshigomu which had moved her to tears. She agreed to lend it to Aichan after a request from her.

Tanabata festival (7/7) ~ Aichan mispronounced "Tanabata". Both Aichan and Junjun doesn't celebrate this festival when they were still living in their hometowns. Junjun explains that because during July, it'll be summer vacation, so everyday is a festival to her. So anyway, both of them got to make 2 wishes, a "big" wish and a "small" wish. Starting off with the small one.

Aichan : I wish I'll grow taller.
Junjun : (Immediate answer) Impossible!
Aichan : Eh?
Junjun : You're 22 already right? So its impossible. Impossible!
Aichan : You never know!
Junjun : Please change your wish, because its really impossible.
Aichan : I know!
Junjun : This is your wish isn't it?
Aichan : Yes.
Junjun : It'll be better for you to wish for something that is realistic.
Aichan : That means I can't wish for something that can never come true?
Junjun : Yes.

Now Junjun's turn.
Junjun : My "small" wish is for Takahashi-san's seems-to-be-impossible-to-come-true dream to come true.
Aichan later added on that she'll be satisfied even if its 1cm ^^;

"Big" wish ~
Junjun : I wish for everyoneto be healthy everyday.
Junjun knows that there are lots of unexpected things in life and you'll never know what will happen to one the next day so she really hopes for everyone to be healthy. Aichan's "big" wish too, is along the lines of being healthy. Aichan suggested for them to round up the talk with a wish for MM together where they are not suppose to discuss and it'll all depend on how similar they are to one another in order for both of their wishes to be the same after Junjun commented on being similar in thinking as Aichan.

Aichan : Reaching out to the world!
Junjun : Everyone!
Aichan : Eh? What everyone?
Junjun : A wish for everyone to be healthy everyday? (lol)
Aichan : (lol) ..well, that's important..for me, I wished for Morning Musume to be known by the world. I'd like people in different parts of the world to know about Morning Musume.
Junjun : So your wish is for all the members to look after their health then for us to show the world our energy and smiles right?
Aichan : Ah, this way our wishes will be linked together right?
Junjun : Yes. Look! We are really smiliar aren't we?
Aichan : Yes ~
With that, Junjun lumped both their dreams together successfully.

There was once Aichan went to meet one of her favourite performers at the backstage after the Takaradzuka musical. All she did was to cry even though she was really touched and glad to be able to meet someone she had admired since young.

Junjun is neither fast or slow in remembering dance choreography. MM members like Eri and Reina have no problems memorising them immediately after watching it for only once. As for Aichan, when she had first joined Morning Musume, she annoyed people by not being able to remember choreographies quickly. In fact, she's the slowest one in picking up dance moves in the 5th generation. Knowing that she's slower in memorising, she puts in the extra effort to practise it a little more at home. Junjun recalls an incident when Gaki-san told Junjun "Takahashi-san was slow at remembering choreographies too back in the past, but she will definitely make sure she is able to do the dance steps properly by the next dance session." Keeping those wise words in her mind, Junjun too, practises at home. They agreed that it can't be help since everyone is different. One can't blame herself for not being as fast as someone else. Passion also plays a part. If one is passionate over certain things, he/she will give his/her everything for it.

English lesson! This week's sentence is "I'm looking forward to see you."
Awesome pronunciation from Junjun.

Chinese lesson from Junjun. Junjun couldn't decide on what sentence to teach so Aichan suggested for her to teach something that can be used everyday. Therefore..
"我爱早安少女组。" wo ai zao an shao nu zu (I love Morning Musume )
Remember to use it everyday! :D

Rounding up, Junjun had fun and left with the impression of Aichan hosting Ichigo Ichie, messing up everytime. Aichan denies it, but obviously it didn't worked. Junjun told Aichan that fluffing her lines is an unique point of Aichan. If she doesn't mess up her lines, its be an even bigger surprise to all the listeners than when she messes up her lines.

Junjun : This was Junjun who wants to bring home this present* home now and..
Aichan : ..this was Takahashi Ai who wants to eat Dorayaki now.
Aichan & Junjun : Goodbye!

*Given to Junjun by Aichan. During the ending talk, Junjun requested for Aichan to sign on it.
Heh, dorayaki? I bet the dorayaki Eri had returned to Aichan was real tasty that Aichan is still craving for it even after so long :P