Konya mo Usachan Peace #139 (090701)

Friday, July 03, 2009

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Konya mo Usachan Peace #139 (090701)

Opening talk
Even though half a year ago Sayu was convinced that she'll do fine even if she turns 20, now that she is half a month away from turning 20, she is becoming nervous about it.

Morning Musume - 3,2,1 BREAKIN'OUT ♪

Sayu's small room
Back then when Sayu was in junior high, there was once when she was alone in her hotel room. Since it felt creepy, she turned on the television which does not have a timer, but somehow, it turned off by itself. Freaked out, she called her manager who assured her everything will be okay. Just as she was about to bath (She was naked already), she heard footsteps which stopped in front of her room. From the small gap in between the door and the floor, Sayu could see clearly a shadow casted into her room. She ignored it and continued with her bath. After she was done, she switched on the television before going to bed so that the room wouldn't be silent. However, the next morning, the television was switched off again.

Like other members had mentioned on their radio shows, the whole Morning Musume is in love with rusks, the cube shaped ones with lots of sugar sprinkled on top. Sayu likes dipping the rusk into white chocolate. Unfortunately for the girls, the rusks were only sold for a period of them and they can no longer get them now. Although Sayu's mom had bought a large amount of it to "stock up", but they ended up finishing them all within a week.

At first, Sayu had the impression that Hirata-san is one that is difficult to get close to. Also, in Ojigi's play, there wasn't a single scene that involve both Sayu and Hirata-san so both of them don't really get a chance to interact with one another while Aichan and Eri got along well easily with her thanks to the scenes they have got together. But from some point of time which Sayu can't remember when, Hirata-san and her just started to speak more to one another and hence, becoming good friends. Whenever Sayu injects her poison into her words, instead of just accepting it as it is, Hirata-san will shoot poison back at Sayu. There isn't anyone in Morning Musume that has similar personalities to Hirata-san so her character was pretty new to Sayu. She really enjoys Hirata-san's company. When they first got to know each other, Hirata-san addressed Sayu as "Shige-san", which Sayu really dislikes being addressed that way ever since 2007 when the nickname was given to her by Yossie. She didn't like the sound of "ge" but still, Hirata-san insisted on including it in Sayu's name and suggested to call her "Gege". Of course, Sayu refused, only to get an even worse nickname from Hirata-san. "Michishigerogero", where gerogero means disgusting ^^; Well, they are so close that even though Hirata-san is Sayu's senior, Sayu often called her "Hiarata Atsuko!!" (Hirata-san's full name without honorifics)

This week's onee-chan!
Sayu's sister often fall asleep in the bathtub which Sayu understands since there are times whereby her sister is exhausted after a long day.

Even when she's in Osaka, Sayu's sister will speak in Yamaguchi dialect. Its okay for her to do that between Sayu and her, but in Osaka, where the people are speaking in Osaka dialect, who'd understand her? Sayu finds that somewhat amazing. Although Sayu breaks into her Yamaguchi dialect whenever she speaks to her sister, she knows when to hold them back when speaking to non-Yamaguchi people.

Sayu's sister doesn't really pay attention to the new viruses. Meanwhile, for Sayu and her mom, they'll keep track of them and get themselves some face masks. Even when Sayu's mom warns her sister to take precautions about the new virus, she will just be like "Oh, okay" as though she doesn't really care.

When they were younger, there was once Sayu's sister ran away from home which Sayu believes her sister learned that from some TV dramas. And this was what happened..

Sayu's sister : I'm going to run away from home!
Sayu's mom : Okay, take care! Ah, where are you going to after leaving home?
Sayu's sister : Grandma's house

They will usually travel to their grandma's house in a car but since they were still young at that time, Sayu's sister apparently had that impression that her grandma's house was pretty close to their's. She walked and walked and got tired out in the end. After seeing her daughter started to cry, Sayu's mom, who had been following her sister all the while, piggybacked Sayu's sister to their grandma's house. Sayu wonders what sort of "running away from home" method is that.

Whenever Sayu fails to split those disposable chopsticks properly, she will rush through her meal because she doesn't want anyone to see her using those badly splitted chopsticks. To cover up for it if she happens to be with a group of friends, she'll say "Gees, it turned out this way" as though its not her fault for not being able to complete a simple task like splitting a pair of chopsticks properly.

Sayu had once seen her sister drinking from a bottle without removing the cap ^^;

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Ending talk
The happiest thing that happened in Sayu's life was the moment she became part of Morning Musume. She was so happy that she couldn't believe that was happening to her and was not able to give a reaction (In fact, all the Rokkies didn't give a reaction)

Sayu didn't give her dad a present for his birthday (6/10) this year. She thought she sent a mail to her dad, but somehow, it didn't get through. Also, Sayu's mom had actually forgotten about her husband's birthday and Sayu had to remind her. She considers that an indirect present to her dad.

Promotion for Sayu's 20 July 13 Photobook.

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