[08/09] Hello! Chanpuru

Monday, August 10, 2009

Gaki-san : For me, its a "I-don't-know" revolution. There are a lot of fools in Morning Musume. I think its because they are relying on the reliable ones so if I behave in the "I don't know!" manner, they will have no choice but to behave sensibly.
Sayu : Nooo! We can't do without Gaki-san!

Sayu : For me, its a "This is awesome!" revolution. I thought I have to learn how to do the laundry myself now that I have turned 20.
Fans : Ehhhh?
Gaki-san : Its okay for her to not know how...because fellow 20-year-old, Kamei Eri is nowhere better.
Sayu : Yes, after washing all the clothes, the closing of the tap is very difficult. So I'm amazed by my mom for being able do the laundry and she had earned my respect for that.
Fans : Ehhhh?
Gaki-san : Speaking like someone of a high authority again today and the response you got is "Ehhhh?"
Sayu : Yes, even though I went to great pains to reserve this talk for the DVD.
Koharu : Cut this part out then, cut it.
Sayu : No way! Please use it in the DVD, please use it!

- Translated according to a fan report.