FUJIWARA no Arigatai Omoee! (090808)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Eri's first appearance on "FUJIWARA no Arigatai Omoee!"
With a short and sweet introduction of herself~

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Look at the piece of paper Eri is holding on to.
The duo in the picture is suppose to be FUJIWARA.
No idea who drew them though.

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"Kamei Eri de~~su! Yoroshiku Onegaishima~~su!"
With a close-up of Eri's cuteness!

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Eri laughed so hard watching Junjun tease Fujimon.
No idea if Junjun was just kidding or she is really ignorant,
she said she don't know the meaning of "Chorisu" so she asked Fujimon about it.

Chorisu is a slang and it means "hello".
It was one of the most popular words in 2008.
But Junjun obviously wasn't just interested in the meaning.
Chorisu happens to be Yukina's catchphrase.
Fujimon and Yukina are rumored to be in a relationship.
Although they have never admitted it,
they have been teased about their relationship on shows like "Hexagon".
Fujimon ended the talk by asking Junjun to go ask Yukina for the meaning herself.

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Eri was shooting her cute-ness around again.
Oh yes, by the way, she's pointing at her alien hole o:

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Reading the sketchbook like a curious little child.
FYI, it was the credits.

Wasn't too amused by Junjun.
Anyway, they will be on the show again next week.