[Ariake] Handshake event

Monday, August 17, 2009

Here goes one more fan story, of a very big Eri wota. He went for the handshake event and shook their hands for 15 times x.x

1st round
Wota : I have waited too long~. I have been waiting since morning~
Eri : Sorry~ (lol)
Wota : Lets enjoy ourselves today~
Eri : Oka~y

2nd round
Wota : Please teach me the trick to getting GAKIKAME read my mail!
Eri : Hm? (Moves her ear nearer to the wota)
Wota : I said, the radio...
(The wota got pushed forward to the next person)
Eri : Sorry!
Wota : See you later.

3rd round
Must be something sweet. The wota didn't want to reveal it.

4th round
Wota : Eri, lend me your ear.
(Wota leaned forward to Eri and Eri moved closer to him)
Wota : I・love・you/I・like・you
(Eri turned shy)
Wota : Hees.

5th round
(The wota was a little exhausted from all the looping)
Wota : I think I can't hold on any more.
Eri : Hmm?
Wota : I'm exhausted from all the looping.
Eri : No way~ Are you okay?
Wota : I'll do my best!

6th round
Its about his friend, lets skip it.

7th round
Wota : So, how many times have I shook your hand?
Eri : Hm~ 4 times?
Wota : Nope. It is the 7th time.
Eri : Aha (lol)
Wota : Oi (lol)

8th round
(The wota's friend who was in front of him told Eri "The guy behind is a bad chap" )
Wota : I'm not a bad guy~
Eri : Ahahaha, yes.
Wota : I'm really not a bad guy!
Eri : Yes, you aren't a bad guy!

The wota kept his 9th and 10th round a secret.

11th round
Wota : A question~ How many times have I shook your hand?
Eri : Here it comes (lol) Hmm~ 10times!
Wota : Nope. This is my 11th round.
Eri : I was close!
Wota : You were close!

12th round
Friend again.

13th round
Wota : I'll be supporting you forever too (Imitating his friend in front of him)
Eri : Ahahahahaha (lol)

14th round
Wota : Otsukaresama deshita!
Eri : Otsukaresama deshita!
Wota : Ahaha
Eri : Ahaha

15th round (Last round)
Wota : I still have got 5 tickets left..but I had fun today
Eri : Thank you for coming so many times!
Wota : I'll be going for other events again so yoroshiku~
Eri : Okay (Shook wota's hand)

Sounds fun!