[08/15] Rokkies handshake event.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Rokkies had their "Nanchatte Renai" handshake event yesterday so here goes a fan story that caught my attention.

Fan A was troubled as she lined up for the handshake because she had no idea what to say. As she shook Eri's hand,
Eri : OOO-chan~
Fan A : Huh? Eh? How do you know my...(name)
Fan A was really surprised and later found out that her friend who was in front of her had told Eri to address Fan A that way and Eri played along xD But of course, Fan A was already satisfied. Who wouldn't? How many people get such an opportunity? Not many.

Well, things like that happens often during such events. Its fun to read them and to be envious of them.