FUJIWARA no Arigatai Omoee!! (090815)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

- Guest : Kamei Eri, Michishige Sayumi and Junjun

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: Chorisu! I'm Kamei Eri!
If you have missed out the explanation of "Chorisu", go back to this post.
Fujimon then corrected Eri's pose of "Chorisu" (→ No one knows it better than him anyway :P)

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After the short "Nanchatte Renai" PV was played, Sayu had a dejected look on her because they stopped the PV before right before her solo shot (Watch how Eri laughed at her xD)
FUJIWARA pointed out that they didn't catch any Sayu shots in the PV leading to the talk about having too little solo parts. Sayu requested for Fujimon to complain to Tsunku about it ^^; Upon hearing that, Junjun joined in and requested for Fujimon to do the same for her. Eri later joined in too and...

FUJIWARA : You appeared on the screen just now!
Eri : If we go into details, the part played earlier on was the second part of the song. Without a part in the first part of the song, you won't get to sing during a TV performance (B'cos the TV performances are usually cut short and most of the lines are from the first part)

By the way, in the above cap (You can click to enlarge it) You can get a view of the drawing of FUJIWARA by the 3 of them. No idea who drew what, but you can see Eri's trademark turtle on the drawing ~