Koguma no Bear Heya (090812)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

- Guest : Kamei Eri, Kusumi Koharu, Mitsui Aika & Junjun

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When entering the room, Eri failed to estimate correctly the height of her mini hat and knocked it against the side of the door accidentally.

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Host : You guys are shining~
Eri : Yes, I'm told that often.
Host : Waaah! How annoying.
Host : That irritated me a little.
Eri : I'm told that often too.

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The punishment for the host who had failed the challenge of naming all Morning Musume's singles correctly was to play a girl who wants to pass a Morning Musume audition. As the host tried to use her age as an excuse...
Eri : How old are you?
Host : Erm...its kind of embarrassing. I'm 23 years old.
Koharu : That is young!
Eri : (Points at Junjun)
Junjun : I'm 21.
Host : But you look very young...
Junjun : I'm told that often.
Host : (lol) She is learning it.

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How often do you see Eri playing the mean role other than when she is together with Reina?

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The Morning Musume senior Eri respects the most is Yoshizawa Hitomi. Just recently, she went for a meal with Yossie together with Aika. Yossie was very concerned about them and they chatted about Morning Musume. All 3 of them ended up crying. Eri finds Yossie cool~

Aika finds Niigaki Risa the harshest senior. Gaki-san is a perfectionist when it comes to dances and such that needs to be in sync so she will just comment on it without a second thought when someone is out of sync.

As for Junjun, Nakazawa Yuko is the harshest senior in her opinion. Simply because Junjun loves bananas and Yuko hates bananas so much that just by hearing the word "Banana" can piss her off.

When the host asks Koharu about it...
Koharu : There isn't anyone who was harsh on me...
Eri : Wait. She is one who will not feel the harshness.
Junjun : Indeed.
Eri : She had came here with the "I'm loved!" approach.
Host : That's positive!
Eri : Yes, positive. VERY positive. She is so positive that it can become annoying.
Host : (lol) You have just unveiled your initial intention huh?