Maitotime (090809)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

- Guest : Takahashi Ai and Linlin

Although Fukui Prefecture is famous for its Tojinbo, Aichan has yet to visit the place.
Maichin found Aichan's Fukui accent cute. However, Aichan has gotten rid of her Fukui accent. She switches back to her accent when she returns to Fukui though.
Linlin wants to eat watermelon. She loves them, but in Japan, watermelons are usually sold in quarters whereas in China, watermelons are sold as a whole and Linlin will usually cut them into have and start digging into them with a spoon. Because of watermelons addiction, her grandmother gave her the nickname of "suika baka" (Watermelon idiot)
Aichan wants to return to her hometown this summer.
Both the girls want to go to the beach and enjoy themselves in their bikinis but unfortunately for them, they are not allowed to do that.
Normally, Linlin and her family will spend their summers with a fan and a spoon in the other. Linlin got them to guess why they hold onto a spoon on the other, which of course, no one got it right. The answer was "(The spoon in the) Right hand is used to eat watermelons."
Maichin prefers to spend her summers in Hokkaido to Tokyo as there are lots of bugs in Tokyo during summer.
The day before the recording of this radio show, a nasty cockroach invaded wherever Morning Musume was (They refused to name the place) and caused the girls to scream.

I thought Aichan was going to laugh herself to death.